Friday, 27 June 2014


Everybody loves it. Grapevines, gossip. Fall for another man. Lost everything at the casino. Just have another baby. Quit her job. Oh yes, music to the ears.

On the other hand, weatherman doesn't have such accolade. Dull n numb to the cheek. in every piece of conversation, we try to spice things up another level. Exaggerating, stacking up the chips to gain listeners. Like politicians on the run-up to an election, the launch of an exquisite project or simply trying to woo the opposite sex.

in all corners of the world, people are desperate for attention. To be seen. To be heard. Talk show. Fastcar, splashing the latest designer outfit are the tickets to stardom. in the limelight, highlights of every n any events.

Those whom work behind the scenes are aspiring for some sort of achievement too. Like appreciation, accolades n awards. Not far from the citylights, there are people whom live life of a different sort.

Depends on one's aspiration, there are no obstacles or hindrances that hinders one's ambition. Likewise. for those whom work hard, the reward will come sooner or later. Touchwood.

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