Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Now what?

So what? No agenda in the calender. Errands to run. Or people to call. Banging heads on the wall hoping to shake off flaks that is harbouring in one corner of the head. Only one head. And that's a blessing.

Tried everything. Spending money in every corner of the world literally. To cure symptoms of lethargy, hopelessness n desperado. One limelight, there is certainly growth n improvement to progress. Bumping into roadsigns n cautions in the wind is a real wake up call.

We won't be wasting our time afterall if not for the overwhelming desire to look for groundbreaking clues. Don't have any concrete clues yet but i supposed with determination n the momentum, we will be okay just fine.

Meal after meal to keep us fit for the next challenge. Why wouldn't we? Energy is everything. Like a coal-miner picking for diamond, the struggle is  relentless nevertheless. Once the diamond is found, we won't be complaining afterall for the hardwork.

Meanwhile, fingers-crossed, touchwood, we need all the blessings there is to chalk up some mileage in our adventure. Discovery is not far off for the courageous. Success favours the brave as the saying goes.

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