Thursday, 12 June 2014

Gonna make sense

it takes a while. Or a lifetime before it made perfect sense. Seldom people care. Well, they have their reason. Much obliged.

Kicking the ball n thumping our fist don't made a better Humpty-dumpty. Gotta clicked with people when we want something gets done. Otherwise the answer will be no. Outright rejection. Wasting our time. Money speaks too. Make life more convenient. Buying our way to Nirvana.

For the time you have, complacency will only helped in digestion. Doing our sacred work will carry us far at least for the day. Don't pushed your luck. Don't bother either.

When the time is right, at the right place, talking to the right people helps a lot. Just like one of those days. Bad days too. But that doesn't count.

Come harvest time, our pocket speaks the loudest. Without a care in the wind, following whims n fancies occupy selfdom. Not forgetting to sow for the next season too. With the hope of better return, the least setbacks etc.

Meanwhile, staying alive is a privilege. One sort.

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