Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Don't lose your nut

Something we good at. Handicraft. In the kitchen. Accountancy. Engineering. And even the magic we weaved when we speak. Not to mention special care for our loving spouse.

Carefree? Going slow? Taking it easy? There are ways we go about things. Nothing worse than losing our nuts. We feel lost in the ocean of people.

Time to crank up that old engine again. To keep it in running. Gear one, gear two and so forth. Of course we are going somewhere if we know the destination. To win a heart. To sell a glass of lemonade. Or even real estate if you aspire great task.

Our house. Our car. Our gadget. They are perfect companion for a life of comfort. How fortunate we are. And our spouse. They are meant the world to us. We will trade anything for something that is meant so much to us. Can't live without.

In order to sustain our love, we need to work hard making sure they are not slipping out of hand. Leading an irresponsible life will only spell disaster one way or the other. Better late than sorry. Let's buckle up and pulling up our socks for the next ride.

The road might be bumpy. Obstacles seem insurmountable. Against all odds, we are looking to yet another sunny day to ply our trade. We might fail. But as long as we are doing our best, any success that comes our way shall taste the very much sweeter.

We choose. We decide. We act.......................

Doing all we can

To earn a living. To gain respect. To do a good job. Otherwise we will be wasting our time. Like holding on to a job, an honest day of work is no easy task. We often cheat ourself with the alloted precious time. What should we do?

There is no limit to what we can do as the saying goes. But it takes knowledge and experience to do a good job. Older and wiser. Bulldozing our way and doing things blindly is a disaster. We gotta learned.

Comes to selling our product and services. Selling points and easy to the ears. It must be special and ring a bell. Attention span is short. People are impatient. To catch the rush hour, many are losing their breath. Not to mention their bearings.

It takes two to tango. Better in step and in tune with the opposites to strike a chord. To cut a deal. To gain an understanding. Most importantly, for future rapport.The hallmark of good salesmanship and goodwill. All the right attitudes and standings.

This is not an article on selling. The truth is, we need to sell. Everybody does. What is the gimmick? Any free samples? Any discount? Coupons? We encounter sales gimmick everyday. Going to great extend to give a good impression to our Boss in the office too. With the work we do. Same goes to our trait and responses to our Superior too. Our job is at stake to put it nicely.

Nobody wants to be square. But the way we sound and how we communicate speaks volume. Don't be fool. People are listening and watching. Judging too. They are just not telling you in the face.

Inculcate a good character and personality in you. It goes a long way....................

Thursday, 24 July 2014

There is a reason for everything

Why aren't people listening to us? Why the things we do doesn't hit the target? Why are we losing so much time, effort and money? We are banging on the wrong problem.

The truth is nothing is easy. Otherwise nobody will be working. This is not the answer. Selfishness and greed is evil number one. A give and take situation. No free lunch.

Our knees are weak in time of crisis. We feel lost. What really matters by any chance is money. People resort to great measures for fund. Get a job. Be patient is rule of the game.

In between work, we collect our thoughts to move on. Losing control over our life spells disaster. On the other hand, over-focusing on our livelihood leads to burnout. No choice. Sanity is over-bearing. In order to live on, we use our senses to tackle every situation. And to make the best of it.

We are living in a community. In order to survive, we need to play our role and function within. Standing alone will only leads to starvation and incarceration. Reality bites.

Choices is not an option. We better be moving. Strike the next iron. Cook the next meal etcetera. We shall enjoy the process too no matter what. Otherwise we will lose interest of the job at hand in no time. Back to square one.

In time of turbulence, getting back to basics is not bad afterall. Being emotional and splashing our money on matters that we don't need will only spell disaster time and again. The vicious cycle of life is mean. Our perception, motive and action must be clear and justified.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What should we do?

When the reserve is low? When nobody seems to care? When everything you do seems hitting the wall? Tried seeking solace. But time is running out. Feeling tired. Perhaps a question of confidence.

Moving forward and staying put bringing the same result. Resources are dwindling and potential income are far in the horizon. What should we do? The most popular answer, be patient and wait out the storm.

Meanwhile, what should we better be doing? Homework? TV? Internet? The present society are so orthodox when it comes to solving immediate problem. Stress and pressure has cornered us to become less creative and productive than what we really are. No choice.

To break out from this chain of dischord, many falls deeper and deeper into desperation. Like holding on tight to a job they no longer desires. Like seeking solace in cup after cup of coffee and smoking a pack per day.

Our health meter is running. And it's not a happy meter. What should we do? Habits die hard. Abstinence is impossible with the ever increasing strain in family life.

in order to make a living, many rise before sunset and goes home after sunset. Family time is compromised. We become heartless due to the stress and constraint of time. Everything must be done fast and quick. No more i love you. No more i do care.

Reality bites. The truth is sad and tragic. Of course, the poor suffer the most. Ekeing out a living and surviving on bare necessities and hope is bare minimum. Question left unanswered...............

Shooting blank

Menopause. Taboo. When everything you do doesn't made sense whatsoever. Depressed and not feeling happy for our ownself in the first place. Feeling listless and useless at the same time.

Staring at the ceiling and the four walls. Numb and powerless towards all efforts. Doesn't feel like doing anything. To regain our composure and start living again requires a miracle. Like a magic antidote falling into our laps. Money falling from the sky and so forth. All wishful thinking to no avail.

Men and women alike. The lost of passion and desire is tragic. it's a psychological thing. No cure in sight. Perhaps we have our ownself to blame. Stop cheating ourself. With all the disguises, hypocrisy and tall tales. Many suffer in silence.

Like a mice in a treadmill, we go over the same track time and time again. Getting tired and fed up of the long process of survival. Better late than sorry. We should come out with a solution to solve this vicious cycle of depression before it affects our health big time.

Getting hilarious and inculcating a happy-go-lucky attitude only gets you so far. Everything takes its' toll. We couldn't be lucky all the time. Before we know it, we might have been skating on thin ice.

Jumping the gun and reckless lifestyle is a bad karma. Time to reflect on what really counts in life. Love, affection and handle life with care.

These might be fairy-tale sayings but at the end of the day, before calamity falls upon us, it's better to heed the warnings and early signs with caution. Have a heart and be kind always.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

So close signing a deal but a slip of tongue. Missed the flight just because you forgot your passport. Missed your favourite party because of feeling moody. Your sweetheart called to say no at the very last minute. Well, we are always so close to the endgame when it matters.

Like a striker whom wasted a chance of a lifetime in front of the goal post. Not to mention missed opportunity. The most bitter truth of all is destiny playing a wicked and cruel hand on us. Swallowing in self-pity just don't made the cut.

What shall we do when the end result don't go our way? Tired of Plan B? Fed up of taking the same route again? Like lining up the same old pieces after a chess game?

Jumping the gun and being reckless are the norms in everyday living. Heartbreaking. No choice. No peace. Whom are we to argue and complain as everybody is so busy with the current of life?

Rules are meant to be broken. But to do away with the hassle and impending punishment, many toe the line. Painful yet compromising. Time flies. We are only digging the sand. Skin deep. And the sunset.

Have to settle for another day. To get enough sleep is a chore for many. We won't be surprised they are those whom don't slept for days. Panda eyes is a phenomena.

So close yet so far. The journey is long. For those whom are tired of living, one advice. Be patient as everything is temporary in nature. Have faith.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Hindrances and obstacles

Stumbling block to success. To apply the extra push. Putting in more resources. Not many are genius. We are only human. Can only do our best in every situation. Sad thing is, our very best is not good enough. Or smart enough. What can we do?

Desperate for a way out. Going in circles. Talking to everybody we met. Heartaches, disappointments n frustration. Perhaps we are destined to fail. Luck is not on our side. Or perhaps God is trying to teach us a lesson.

Like a salesman knocking on the door for the 100th time. Like attempting to close a document at the office for the 20th time. Or even trying to whip our car back to good condition for the 10th time. Eventually, it breaks the camel's back.

Unfortunate scenarios do happen everyday. it keeps repeating itself. Frustration can bring us down big time. Whether we are man of steel or Ironman, the burden of challenges coming in waves is just too hard to bear.

in time of crisis, we can only kneel and pray for the Almighty God. There are certainly matters beyond our control. Staying calm is utmost.

Happy reading material

Yes, everything rosy, entertaining. No cloudy perspective. No sad story. Like fairy tale, happily ever after. We gave up many times. Laid on the sideline. Confinement at home. No place to go.

Being happy is serious business. A fling with a woman maybe. Or perhaps going wild at the casino. Not to mention shopping spree in Paris. Taking its' toll anyway.

Getting sober is like taking a glass of water, getting enough sleep, being kind to your loved ones n so forth. Not stepping out of line, time is the essence. The passage of time can mean anything. A phonecall you received, a sudden turn of event at the workplace or even a new development in your relationship with your spouse.

Everybody likes a good story. Spellbound, intrique, twist n interesting dialogues in a plot. A happy reader, mesmerised, time well spent n craving for more.

On the other hand, dull moments in the storyline, just like real life will bore our objective. Shying away n kissing the next appointment goodbye.

Searching for happiness is a quest. A quest that requires resources. Don't leave out money. And of course precious time that only the rich can afford.

The journey is long. Patience is a virtue. Complacency is a demon too. it's up to us to juggle n balance-out the eventuality n probability of success n happiness in our enterprise at every turn.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Living straight

Can we live straight? No succumbing to temptation. Strict regiment. Living frugal. Be a nice gal? Boredom n fed up of the norms often derailed us from our objective. Standing up again n again after a fall.

Like taking the same route to work each morning, we tend to make way for familiarity. Be a regular guy. Employment. Responsible for ourself n taking up our role in society.

We are smitten with intermittant joy like coffee break, chatting up n the occasional movie. A blessing. A silverlining if we relate to those whom are less fortunate.

Therefore, living straight ain't that bad afterall. From time to time, we pray for health n happiness. Let's not forget God. The Almighty.

Everytime, we did something wrong, we adjust the sail, steering our wheel n instill back the right conscience in order to stay on track again. it's an enigma. Can't explain n can't complain either.

Everybody is afraid of sanctions. Comes in reward n punishment for every little act we take. To do away with the sense of guilt, we bridle our act in every way we can.

For those whom has wild imagination, sudden impulse n prone to mood swing, the above is nothing more than a fiction. Maverick attitude n reckless behaviour rules their life.

There comes a time when we need to settle down eventually. No more break neck speed n heart-stopping habit. Have a heart, be kind for a change. For our own good that is.

Am i improving myself?

Am i making money? Am i making good use of my time? Am i getting more respect? i keep asking myself when i can stand on my own, with earning power n the rightful living.

Well, i definitely need the support of people to endorse my work n get paid in the process. And that needs time. i have to wait. i can't forced people to accept n bear testimony to my work prompto. Everyone is busy.

i need to eat too. For the time being, working on ends is utmost to keep the wheel of life spinning. i just can't idle n daydream all day.

in the back of my mind, i know deep well what i can do n what cannot. That boils down to hard-thinking on my part. Thinking myself to a corner is not much used too.

Prayers to God. Hoping for the best n prepared for the worst is all i can do. Meanwhile, doing my very best with my work is all that is. Hoping for returns. Money.

We are all money-spinners. Once we stop working, the bucks stop. it's crucial for us all to work regularly like a clock. The biological clock.

Keeping our sanity is important. insanity bankrupts us. Meanwhile, staying calm n doing our hard day's work is a rude regiment. Do we have a choice?

The choice is clear. Struggle or bear the brunt of complacency.