Sunday, 1 June 2014

Try to resist

Resist to act. Resist of accepting the truth. Resist irony. To no avail. Coz we are dying for survival. Don't know what tomorrow brings. Gonna share our thoughts n ideas with our loved ones before it's too late.

Skating on thin ice, saying too much for our own good just taking it to the next level. Writing something spicy perhaps but the intentions is clear. We are only human, not made of steel. With heart n soul. There are heartless beings out there. Just leave them alone. ignore them. That's the best we can do. For our own good too.

Resistance is futile. Just like action-flicks, the hero n heroine goes to great extend to save its' skin. More true in reality. No one will fight for us. We have only ourself to blame when the chips are down. Don't go begging if reality rears its' ugly head. Brace ourself.

Taking it too easy? Reality bites. Hope for the best n prepare for the worst. Saving every dime for a rainy day for instance. Goliath always win n David is ekeing out a living believing in gratitude that is shoved their way by irresponsible soul. Afterall, we can improved on gratitude. Take it one step further by improving our livelihood.

Real life never stops. Sitting on our ass is.

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