Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Feeling fresh?

Better do something creative n productive before you felt asleep. Be it in the wee hours or late afternoon, our biological clock is ticking away. Cozy up, pull up thy socks n start heading for the door or your desktop. Doesn't matter where you're heading anyway, catch my drift?

Our performance are compromise when not guarded selfishly. Craps. We are. With the notion that we are doing okay will just leave the neighbours pull down their curtain.

One thing rest for sure, the river flows, the sea tiding over n the sun also rise. Minting money with our work is all that is. Never enough. Never feel happy. What do we really need? Sex? Speed fiend? Gaming consoles? Hard to please humans. We are.

Feeling fresh let us have the freedom to restart, reboot n unplug again after a long haul of desperate acts. We know deep inside what really counts. Problem is we just don't have the time to think it over.

The next morning rush, grabbing our coffee, smacking our body into subways n slumping over a deskjob completes a vicious cycle.

No respite. No peace of mind. No peace............

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