Saturday, 18 January 2014

Captive audience

We have our reasons. Whom read u? Chances are remote. Few in between too. But that's not all.

We never know. There are those whom are interested. But that's not the reason. Knowing n be known is a cats n mouse game. Life is a game anyway. Play it ( :

A channel to profess. A conduit to propel. An all-purpose vehicle. Take the ride. Enjoy the view.

Mediums like tv, social media, videos n audios are abundant. People are spoilt for choice. Churn out your best articles n pictures. And cast your net. Blue marlins are beckoning. You bet.

Winner takes all. Place your bet. Many forms like business dealing, setting out on a career or plain sailing out into the blue yonder.

See no hassle, hear no delay, speak no risk (( ;

Copyrighted James Chow

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