Monday, 18 August 2014

What i can do

I am able. Knowledgeable and experienced. There are people whom care though few. I cherish them all the same. My brand of writing is likeable to a broken gramophone. Just tell me I can change.

Thinking myself to a corner is catastrophe also. I am making it a point to be more creative in the near future. New issues and happenings. Like my recent job-huntings. I came to realise that the jobs I am looking for is just not me. Making a big fool of myself. Wasting precious time, money and energy in the process.

As a last resort, I am betting on faith alone. My loved ones whom I hold dear to my heart, my treasured belongings and last but not least my fondest work which is writing.

I have no intentions of hurting anyone or imposed hard times on my friends neither is to me. I just loved to share my periodic feelings over what I had become and the steps I have taken to overcome them. So far so good. Thank God. I need all the blessings there is. I really do.

Keeping a tight rein on personal hygiene and healthcare is utmost. I am doing all I can to my best ability to see them through. Looking for silverlinings and lights at the end of the tunnel pre-occupied my time. I learned to relax and think clearly too. Stress and strain is hazardous to good health. I know.

I am big enough to think for myself. Nobody would. That made life more challenging. I am taking obstacles astride too. One at a time. Not to hurt myself big time. Have a heart and handle life with care. It goes a long way.

Meanwhile, my motto and modus operandi is true, kind and necessary ( :

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