Saturday, 5 July 2014

Hindrances and obstacles

Stumbling block to success. To apply the extra push. Putting in more resources. Not many are genius. We are only human. Can only do our best in every situation. Sad thing is, our very best is not good enough. Or smart enough. What can we do?

Desperate for a way out. Going in circles. Talking to everybody we met. Heartaches, disappointments n frustration. Perhaps we are destined to fail. Luck is not on our side. Or perhaps God is trying to teach us a lesson.

Like a salesman knocking on the door for the 100th time. Like attempting to close a document at the office for the 20th time. Or even trying to whip our car back to good condition for the 10th time. Eventually, it breaks the camel's back.

Unfortunate scenarios do happen everyday. it keeps repeating itself. Frustration can bring us down big time. Whether we are man of steel or Ironman, the burden of challenges coming in waves is just too hard to bear.

in time of crisis, we can only kneel and pray for the Almighty God. There are certainly matters beyond our control. Staying calm is utmost.

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