Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Long journey

We always equip ourself when embarking on a journey. Baggages, snacks/drinks, aspirin, reading material etc.

Sight-seeing is a bonus. Laid-back, comfy n cozy. Enjoying the ride is much anticipated.

Small talk with our love one along the journey is an experience to behold.

A much deserved break from the routine of daily grind at work.

We will be asking for more vacations like these in the very near future.

Going back to work is another story altogether ) :


Yes it propels everything n everyone forward. it fuels our work n take it to the next level. Without energy, we will be idling for no purpose.

in a sense it is more valuable than time. Cos time is a constant denomination. it works wonder if we put in that little bit extra effort in everything we do.

Creativity play a major role in harnessing of energy. We don't want to incur unnecessary cost over the wastage of energy too.

Therefore a little imagination goes a long way if we want to maximise the output of energy.

Take your time, execute with some dexterity n put in your heart in the things you do.

At such, i bet you will love every minute of what energy can do for you (( ;

The season for jolly

Yes Dec 25th the one day in the year where everybody celebrates Xmas. Rich n poor. Young n old. Good n naughty.

We put on our best clothes, best smiles n most importantly new resolutions for the coming Year 2014.

Wishing better things to come n meeting new people that will enhance our social being.

Wealth, health, happiness you name it, everyone is wishing for that special something or someone to come along. And sweeps us off our feet.

Time, money n energy. Blood, sweat n tears. We go thru the passage of time bringing with us memories both good n ugly. Victories n downfall. And yet we thank the Special One for all the blessings He showered on us.

May the coming Year 2014 brings us peace, joy n happiness. Sigh.....

Friday, 20 December 2013

Random act

We often succumb to act of random. Not that we don't want to work in orderly manner. But the call of nature proof to be a hard act to follow.

Come 2014, with the onslaught of more stress at work, staying calm is utmost. Otherwise our program will get topsy-turvy. One hope. May 2014 a year of smooth sailing.

Not forgetting mistakes made in the past, one lesson learned. We are bound to repeat them. We are only humans after all. Better luck this time.

The people we meet, the things we do, all in a day's work. Finding some solace intermittantly. Like coffee, music video n occasional movies.

There is no telling where we end up to be. Frightening at times. We let our fate to chances. Control is futile. it takes up too much time n energy. Everybody knows that.