Saturday, 29 September 2012


Getting restless 'n lethargic at times. Whom isn't. Biting our fingernails, driving endlessly 'n beverages along the line. Our thoughts are playing Tom 'n Jerry with us. Like it or not, getting hold of this syndrome requires composure 'n a clear mind.

Setting our priorities, satisfying our whims 'n simply grabbing the next cup of coffee are clues to what we are aching for before we start the revolution again.

Sometimes, we don't realised how much we are involved in a certain task for a long spell of time too. We forgot to take time for relaxation. Over-indulgence because of our passion 'n desire. For instance, long tennis session, finishing up a dress one is making, thonging with tools at the garage or lovemaking throughout the night.

Taking time for relaxation works wonder. Time to contemplate, reflection 'n focus again on our goals. To be ourselves, contented with whom we are 'n happy with the things we have will once again put us on track. We no longer feel lost or wasting our energy 'n time on a wild goose chase.

It pays to indulge ourselves in light-hearted activities too like going out, browsing one's favourite magazine or offshore fishing. They increase our horizon 'n boost our confidence over time. Juggling our pastime will not only dish out the monotony of routines but encourage us to relax.

Take the path less-travel rather than knocking incessantly on a closed door (( :

At home

Sleep comes to mind. Many do otherwise. They are busy as ever. Work to be done in the kitchen. Tidy up the bed. Doing the dishes. Reading our dailies. And the comfort of talking to our love ones.

Fiddling with the gadgets is a new phenomenal. In the old days, we won't be surprised spending hours in front of the tube, cup after cup of coffee 'n sleeping relentlessly. How things have changed.

Daydreaming is the domain of outright laziness. For the learned 'n those whom are aware of the market right now, there are plenty of avenues to throng. No longer practical to hang loose for a spell of time, many have started 'n pursue their ambition even at home. Think of the interconnectivity with the gadgets at our disposal. And the hassle of closing a deal in the yesteryears. Dealings change hands at enormous speed for those whom is cutting the deal.

In developing countries, maids are employ to do housechores at minimal wages. This leave the household ample time to pursue things at home. Correspondence, conversations over the line, grapevines, wooing partners etc. And others i leave it to your imagination.

Family members taking turns to revolve their activity around the house can be arresting 'n hilarious at the same time. For the old guards, The Brady Bunch Show 'n The Watsons are a distant memory. You never know what is playing on people's mind nowadays as most are fiddling with their gadgets at home.

In the near future, home is like a working place too with all the equipments synonymous with an office environment. Houses with cctv can prove frivolous where staying in can be viewed by someone.

On the other hand, for the needy, staying at home means getting a good rest after a hard day's work. Relatively, the concept home in the dictionary no longer applies.

Home is where the heart is needs a new deliberation on how 'n what we perceive as a member of the household.

Hopefully, over time, progress 'n modernisation will preserve certain values we hold dear at home in the old days.

Love, care 'n understanding make our home sweet home (( :


We often mistaken them with giving up. Going in circles to make ends meet. In the name of survival one needs to move on. To cover the ground 'n finish our assignment.

Constantly looking for sources. Our creation will be lacking otherwise. Looking for ways to persuade our customers as to the project we are working on. Needs guarantee 'n worth the dollar. Think of it another way. How would you acquire money if you are working in the dark?

Meanwhile, let's muster all the energy we have available to foray into the future. They might deplete or even halt if we stop putting effort for a duration of time. Our detractors 'n potential clients alike might think we have lost interest in the project in question. Over time, conscience will tell us how important it is to carry on. A career recognise by those whom know you. Not whom you know.

In addition, reminders, phonecalls 'n follow-ups are essential to ensure connection with would-be customers. New effort, innovations 'n latest offerings which are deemed attractive need to be elaborated 'n acknowledged too. Assumptions are futile.

Let it be clear that our Clients know the availability 'n price of our product. Convenience 'n reachable too.

Last but not least, selling is most critical. No point spending an aweful time in creation but fail poorly when it comes to garnering support 'n sales of one's product.

From where would you gain funds for your upcoming project if not from the revenue of the present one?

Friday, 28 September 2012


Yup i can provide a twist to a true story to make it much more interesting

Like cousin-made Chiengmai umbrellas instead of umbrella for a rainy day. Or i was stucked with my door jammed in a traffic congestion. Adjective-wise

Whereabouts of Annie is on the air or rather daddy is going out with my girlfriend. Proverbs

Depends on the story-teller, people whom love to read sometimes read between the lines too. Everybody knows that.

For the imaginative one, every page is a turner. With so many apps to work on mastery of a language is handy indeed. We can enter our whims 'n brand new ideas at the click of the mouse. Furthermore, by switching apps, we minimise the risk of materials going to oblivion.

Fiction or not, there is no clear lines in between for easy contemplation. Reporting 'n writing has become more challenging to the producer 'n mind-boggling to the readers. More so as people from all walks of like have become more evolved with exposure to both old 'n new materials.

For those with strong sense of awareness, the collusion of old 'n latest innovative ideas available to the masses provide easy fodder for mind-enhancement.

This of course doesn't spell the end of light materials make do for easy reading. The future of prints is looking bright as ever.

My hobby of reading certainly will go a long way 'n spare the distance ( :

Sick parents

One must be lying if he confessed never complain about sick parents at home.

One day we will be old too. But, i must admit due to our work commitments, tight schedule 'n shameful to say leisure time for ourselves, we usually lose our bearings when confronted with ill-health parents.

I bet there must be a lesson God wants us to learn when it comes to caring for the elderly. Selfishness comes to mind. Impatience with slowness 'n incessant mumblings are the norms.

As i grow older i realise how ill-prepared i am when it comes to this particular stage of life. Things like putting more emphasize on savings, thriftiness 'n some carings along the way would have make things better for my folks. Irresponsible too thinking of how sometimes i get carried away with the carefree life during my heydays.

I wish repentance at my stage will be just in time to care for my 73-year-old mom whom is quite sick at the moment. With medical care 'n sufficient rest coupled with a little token of love from myself, hopefully she will recover fast 'n back to pink of health.

God bless

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Mankind first invented fire 'n the wheel.

With complexity in daily life, they make do with more creative tool to pry, dig, turn etc. The human brain is hungry for many features in their creations. Aesthetics, forms 'n function. Let's beam to the present world we live in.

Latch is inadequate 'n locksmith came out with tattooed padlock 'n remote controls. Fuel driven to hybrid. Housing to condos. Steam engine to bullet train. I rest my case.

Not far-fetch to say that engineering has taken foothold in life itself like the human anatomy. Plastic surgery, drugs that induce moodiness 'n relationship gurus.

You must be a jughead thinking everything is what it seems. One thing leads to another. Pushing forward is essential or we will be left behind playing with old tools, old sentiments 'n lacking in self-development.

We need to find ways, new tactics 'n strategy to go about our conventional problem-solving skill in product creation, human relationship 'n our profession. That's what the latest buzz in engineering science is all about.

Gadgetry is a good example. We keep our friends in the pocket, switching channels without leaving the seat 'n sending mails without the postman.

Another instance is designer lawyers to get you out of a marriage(with money), dentist whom can do wonders to your teeth 'n the all-paid vacation trip.

I have a feeling there is more engineering marvel behind the scene. Pre-launch signs are imminent.

We just need a training eye to see out the genuine one.

Bahan bacaan

Di mana2, bahan komersial berunsur fesyen terkini, kesihatan moden, kereta mewah, novel2 generasi Y dan sebagainya dijadikan bahan laris.

Bahan2 ini dijadikan ukuran sejauh mana penerbit mendapat habuan. Pengusaha media seperti tv, majalah, buku dan jualan langsung tidak ada pilihan tetapi mengikut arus ini.

Para pengguna yang mudah jemu, tidak sabar menanti keperluan semasa dan terikut-ikut dengan kehendak masyarakat terkini memberi tamparan hebat kepada pengusaha.

Misalan, seorang pengusaha iks semestinya mendapat pengelolaan dari penaja jika ingin berjaya. Mereka cuma berada dalam kedudukan transit sebelum mencapai satu tahap di mana mereka mampu berdikari.

Soal mencari pengelola bukan terletaknya dengan siapa kita kenal tetapi pihak mana yang mengenal kita.

Sebelum kita mencapai matlamat sebagai pengusaha yang disegani dari kedudukan transit ini, kita seharusnya terus berusaha.

Majukan diri, tambahkan pengetahuan dan tidak mudah putus asa harus dititikberatkan untuk menentukan kesinambungan usaha kita dalam perjalanan ke destinasi seterusnya.

Di harap, moga2 di persimpangan yang akan datang, kita dapat apa yang dihajati Insya-Allah

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


A need.

In the old days, people used to ride.

With ever fast 'n wider road, it is deemed precarious or dangerous due to swerving vehicles which changes lane without notice. However due to convenience like parking one's bike many still ride to their destination of choice.

No one would love to spend much time on the road unless you have nothing better to do. Traveling from point A to B meant getting things done 'n going home safe 'n sound. Investment in a car sounds the practical thing to do. Of course, care in expenditure is utmost even in developing nations.

Buses, taxis 'n light rails can be handy when traveling at a moment's notice. They are economical but irregular 'n inconvenience to the fairer sex.

Alloting time for travel can be tricky. Connecting different mode of transport call on the experience of a commute. For instance, air travel is much more dearer than the expenses one gave out on a small project.
Slow-moving vehicle will frustrate eager commuters whereas reaching your destination at break-neck speed is not advisable.

Travel too little one found something is missing, travel too much one suffers hangover. Interesting 'n funny, transport though sometimes futile, it is here to stay when it comes to spending one's time. Like sleeping, working, relaxing 'n others occupying our day, transportation certainly is the mainstay of everyday living.

Are you on a train right now?     ( :

Satu perjalanan

Bermulanya titik pertemuan.

Masanya mungkin singkat tatkala kita berkenalan.

Mohon restu supaya berkekalan.

Menanti jawapan dari si dia.

Moga2 bahagia hendaknya

Keadaan di masa sememangnya menduga.

Pabila ku memanggil nama mu

Sehaluan tidak ada maknanya

Tanpa kasih sayang yang ditimpa

Oh sang bulan terangilah malam ini

Oh sang bulan selamilah perasaan jiwa

Di mana kau berada

Apa yang kau rindukan

Terpahat namamu di hati

Di ingatan buat selama-lamanya


What are the buzzwords people love to listen to.

I love you. You look wonderful tonight. Did anyone tell you how gorgeous you are?

Never have enough.

You will notice how a little effort can spell a big difference in your life.

Just the other day u mentioned about the things u do. I don't have the chance to tell you how interested i am with your line of work. Care to share with me again? These are just some of the catchy ones used in a conversation.

And yet, it can improve a relation beyond imagination.

Give romance a new name.

One can be in the middle of a discussion, on a bench with a love one or simply getting to know a stranger.

Chances are breaking the ice requires an ounce of creativity. Once the subject get to know how warm you are, she will open up a topic that meant to be to both whom are engaged in a dialogue.

It opens up to a whole lot of possibilities that will benefit the parties involved.

So-called friends with benefits. Fun 'n camaraderies follow 'n the relationship is on track on a fruitful journey.

Can be snug, cuddly 'n even romantic if one inculcates these into a romance.

Phonecalls 'n appointments took on a new meaning as lovebirds couldn't resist the temptation to be together.

Let's catch on the latest buzzwords to woo the ones we long for.

It sure worth the time 'n money.  (((=;

I can do it!

Even though the chips are down.

Breakthroughs are no where to be found.

Complains from all sides.

I trudge on to fulfill my ambition of making it on my own.

Impatience, non-tolerance 'n non-sensible arguments 'n resentments are daily rituals.

I have to muster all the courage, surviving on shoestring budget 'n avoid being stepped all over by the nemesis of my goal.

With only God by my side, hopefully i will be able to pull through these dark hours.

Being unable to proceed with my work is really frustrating. Express it many times. Just fallen into deaf ears.

I just have to defend myself as torrents of resentments come rushing in. Even from my close ones.

However, i have the feeling that i will make it given my heart 'n soul towards opening up a new chapter.

A chapter which spells meaningful work, a good audience 'n most of all keeping unnecessary hassle 'n troubles at bay.

Wish there is someone whom would recognise the signs that starting an ambition could be this difficult.

May the Force be with me. Thank Lord for your companionship 'n mercy throughout my journey of discovery of my ownself.

Given time, i hope i could contribute to the society at large with my blog from the bottom of my heart

Monday, 24 September 2012

Keeping the spirit

The passion 'n desire to move forward.

When one is down with myriad problems.

When opportunities come too.

We must be able to handle issues both big 'n small.

Requires thinking 'n act accordingly.

Sometimes we feel down, sometimes we are overwhelmed too by circumstances that come our way.

Sadness 'n happiness intertwine as we go thru a particular day. Like a roller-coaster ride.

Keeping the spirit whatever it is, is subconsciously driven.

Amongst them are like correcting a past mistake, to make more money, seeing that one's utility bills are updated 'n maintaining a relationship.

Once we stop working, we bound to wander with our thoughts 'n action. Meaningless 'n wasteful activity preoccupy our precious time. Hangovers could make matters worst.

As we grew older, we usually take the initiative to think beforehand before embarking on a task as time the most precious commodity becomes more so in comparison to the young.

Ill-health, wanting energy 'n drive compromise our effort towards achieving a certain goal. Sad to say, given the same resources, some can complete the task in a shorter time frame 'n comes out with a better quality.

This is competition.

To keep the spirit alive 'n the light burning, diffrent strata of the community strive to innovate 'n produce the best services there is to lure customers into their domain.

Aesthetic features, sensual fronts 'n controversial issues are what attract the masses.

Due to social sanctions of rewards 'n punishment, certain constraints have to be exercised to keep our most profound work at bay.

The drive to keep our spirit alive is important as meaningless ventures will see to the end of our enterprise.

Friday, 21 September 2012

On a run

Revving up our engines.

Going for a journey feels like the in-thing to do.

Especially after  a long work out. On our workstation, at the workplace or a day's hardship.

Driving or riding, the whirlwind journey certainly chips off dust over our shoulders. And release our spine after a long back-breaking day.

Fuelling up, maintenance 'n repairwork are in the back of our mind as this enjoyable journey take precedent over many chores that we need to do. Oh dear, heaven on earth.

Time flies when you are having fun.

More true if task in hand 'n deadlines are eating into one's time.

Negotiating turns, speeding on the straight 'n cruising along the coastline is sure pleasing. Call for more.

With more progress in our work, more audience 'n returns on investment, hopefully there will be much more spare times for us to go over a cup of hot coffee perhaps.

And the joy of putting our effort into our work 'n creation is really soul-enriching.

Friends 'n acquaintance alike, the move forward can be most exhiliarating if we have that special someone to share with.

All in good times...  ((( :    <3  Cheers! 'n many kisses


Watching a movie is fun.

More so, with someone by your side.

With popcorns, soda 'n hotdogs.

At home or the theaters, it never fail to amaze.

Laze back, quiet moments 'n relaxing throughout the show.

Drama, suspense, action, comedy you pick the genre.

Chances are they cater for a wide variety of choices.

Of course, there are many pastimes up our sleeve.

But nothing beats the feeling of watching a movie. Young or old.

With so much media to choose from, the masses will have their hands full given the time.

We ought to fork out some time for movie-going. Some good movies are overlooked due to work
commitment. We can't see movies all the time, can we?

With more demands for movies, hopefully the price of tickets will go down or receive some
concessionaires from the developers.

Movies enrich our experience 'n brought about enjoyment 'n relaxation to our stressful society.

Wish the masses don't leave out the option of movie-going when they are down with solitude, a hectic schedule or frustration of everyday doldrum ( :

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hardship allowance

No easy task being a blogger.

We are finding ways to excite readers with current issues which are plaguing our nation at large.

In-depth studies 'n what drive the people are important in our reporting.

The people need to share their insights 'n problems to find collective solution to everyday doldrum.

Bloggers need mealtickets to survive. What are deem fit. We are not asking for more than what we deserve.

Unreasonable demand, schemes 'n non-sensible marketing are not our modus operandi.

In hard times, where everyone else is ekeing a living too, we have a plea which commensurate with our work.

For those whom can afford some mealtickets, please don't hesitate to come forward 'n lend  a helping hand.

Your help is much sought-after as the hardship allowance will enable us to pursue our work in the near future.

Please don't ignore our pleas as sponsorship no matter how small will contribute to our success in bringing you the best blog we have to offer.

So much so, please chip in 'n give us the good news.

Signing-off; Determine to put in the best effort there is...

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Blogger no fear

It takes time.

The journey is long. Critics 'n praises hand in hand. Bittersweet.

Trying our best to put in the best ingredient in our writing.

Wishing there would-be listeners. Small audience perhaps.

No excuse 'n no haste in producing some work which i love.

In time, hope my work will be organise 'n more presentable to my audience. Busy perhaps.

And more convenience to open up my work.

Hope my simple 'n mere 2,000-word vocabulary don't tire your reading. Browsing otherwise.

To maintain 'n sustain my work is a real act. A juggernaut.

With better resource, hope i will be able to try the next option. Balancing.

More varieties. More products 'n pictures. Audio/visuals are expensive. I leave that out.

Juggling my work is the order as resources are limited.

With better condition, i will be able to "balance" instead of juggling my present work.

A little support along the way won't hurt. Small sponsors are welcome.

Please have a heart  ( :    Thank you friends.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Challenges 'n Struggles

For the work we do 'n the people we interact with,

differs from one to the other.

Resentment 'n frustration are the order of the day.

Let us build a bridge to meet halfway between the ......

01)     rich 'n poor

02)    able-body 'n handicap

03)    luxurious 'n hand-to-mouth

04)   extremist 'n moderate

05)   trade 'n service

06)   employer 'n employee

07)   colours

08)   discrimination of sex

09)   stigmatist 'n Godly

10)   breadwinner 'n dependent

11)   parent 'n children

12)  teacher 'n student

13)  husband 'n wife

14)  doctor 'n patient

15)  master 'n servant

16)  Government 'n people

17)  borrower 'n debtor

18)  human 'n God

Building the bridge is no easy task. Over time. Impatience stand in the way. Level playing field 'n fairplay are elusive. Understanding 'n comprehension are allusive. So do patience 'n tolerance. Reaching out is the key. Win some, lose some   ( :


I am your ...

1)  friend on call                                +60104327663 or +60176222167

2)  mailing correspondent        

3)  tweeting partner                 

4)  tumbler                              

5)  photographer                     

6)  album keeper                     

7)  blogger                              

8)  faithful friend                      

Hope i can be assistance to your goodselves. In time of health 'n peace. Wish you will give me a little support from time to time. For the work i do. Thank you friends ( :

Monday, 10 September 2012

Moving on

Looking for breakthrough in a career takes time.

Great ideas 'n momentary impulse drive us to work towards that very end.

We encounters hiccups along the way 'n trying ways to solve them in a more efficient manner.

Like using different tools, approaching new set of contacts or shuffling our timetable.

Interaction with our customers sometimes didn't turn out fine. We feel bad. The fear of losing the deal.

Perhaps we are not doing the right thing or rather doing it the right way.

Haste, misrepresentation 'n misunderstanding are the norms.

Customers want their money worth.

It takes utmost care 'n effort to make that extra money. Hurting their feelings, mediocre products 'n miscommunication will only exacerbate the relation.

If we are looking for easy way out from the present economic doldrum, we are just wasting our time.

Everyone has its' own agenda. Take the pain to meet them halfway like sharing some interest, similar inherent problem and trading whatever seems sensible at least temporarily.

Extra mealtickets along the way can make the difference.

Until better prospects come our way when we are more resourceful and better-equip.

God bless us all......

Can be raeched

I could be reached via the following medium. All views and commends are welcome. Please don't hesitate to tap a line or two telling how you feel about my articles

1)  Malaysian mobile +60104327663 and/or +60176222167

2)  E-mail address;



5)  www.


Hope the articles that i have written suit your taste and capture the very essence of your soul. Thank you for your golden support   ( :

Interesting article

What makes an article interesting?

Of course trendy, current social issues 'n money-making opportunities come to mind.

What do people look for?, what are they thinking? And problems that are lingering with no immediate solutions.

Pictures 'n messages are entering the net with an enormous quantity like never before.

People don't pay you for what they see. Like reading a newspaper, resources in the media are used to enrich those whom found them fitting.

People don't pay you for your problem-solving skill either.

There are millions of books lying on the shelves at newstands, bookstores 'n specialty outlets.

To acquire money is a continuous process. Might be hard. Patience, don't be put off 'n having a clear thought are important.

Time is running out. But do remember time is not a commodity which is charging you with a constant rate/price. For instance, monthly rate for your rental, car loans or even the meals you take

Use time well. Overtime, you will realise that time is a magical denominator over the projects you are working on.

Money is taboo. People fighting for funding, hiccups in payout(employees), children asking for pocket money and beggars on the street.

Do not be shy or hesitate to ask for assistance when money issues are standing in your way towards progress.

The world can be nasty. Couldn't get a dime as the song goes... Many have traumatic experience.

May God bless us all ......

Sunday, 9 September 2012


Everybody does.

We maybe determine to get a job done within schedule.

We might even adamant on a decision made.

But when it comes to emotion, one can get out of control at times.

Like taking a walk aimlessly, throwing your tantrums at someone for no reason or turning up the volume on your loudspeakers.

Things get back to normal somehow as we found our footings.

We are such strange creatures.

Thinking right

Our thoughts determine our action.

We constantly think of ways to solve our problems.

Cause 'n effect motivates thinking.

High monitor skills are required when in a crisis.

Compare to a simple act of making a cup of coffee for instance.

Over time, we develop skill to think more efficiently like taking a shorter route to meetings.

Same with dealing with a Client for the 2nd time.

Amassing potential customers is no easy task.

We found ourselves wasting precious time with lengthy explanation, solicit payments 'n making good on our promises.

Thinking of solutions actually derail us from our main objective.

We shall be confident of our product 1st hand before pursuing a buyer.

Small investment, quality 'n minimal risk ventures are more manageable 'n keeps your thinking within a more rationale mode.

More so, where many unscrupulous customer default on payment in this ever fickle community we live in.

Don't wanna be on the losing end with time wasted 'n wishful thinking...

Loving it!

It doesn't matter what the circunstances is, one always pursue their love relentlessly.

Returning to the court to practise, flipping through your favourite book or trying out a new recipe.

The effort not only brings with it a feeling of accomplishment but seeing you going through a process of advancement.

We found new experience, chalking-up more mileage 'n moving up another level.

Time for respite, having a cup of coffee or moving on to our next endeavour only serve as reminder of how reflection 'n the work we do are connected closely.

To achieve something valuable where monetary returns is one of the criteria takes a lot of hard work 'n imagination.

Customers only pay you well if the work you do cater to their needs 'n bring forth profit.

Our product 'n services must have certain standard 'n measure up to specification. At least the current trend in the market.

In order to close a deal or selling your products in a profitable way, they must stand out to the customer. Customer satisfaction is top.

What makes your products stand out? Availability, economical, buzz, practical are some of the qualities they look for.

Before one succeeds, bear in mind, there are no shortcuts to achieve something that is saleable overnight.

Don't take too long either. Continuous effort in sourcing, marketing 'n innovating are the buzzword.

May the Almighty Lord bless us with the tenacity to carry on our task at hand with health, strength 'n a safe journey.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sunday outing

Early breakfast is the norm.

Family members are eager to put on their best gear for Sunday outing.

Places like the beaches, lakes 'n highland resorts beckon.

Fun, joy 'n warmness is order of the day.

Some even brought along their books to read.

Food baskets are a real blessing. On a mat, members enjoy their favourite delicacies prepared at home.

Piece of mind with the coastal breeze or the serenity of the lake is a sure place for relaxation.

Many seem reluctant to go home but for many homebound is the preferred destination.

Tomorrow is a working day.

Anticipation for the next outing is playing on everyone's mind.

Sikap was was

Jenayah semakin berleluasa.

Dengan iklim ekonomi yang tidak menentu, ramai yang melakukan jenayah demi sara hidup.

Sama ada jenayah kolar putih atau pun biru, gejala ini tidak mengenal mangsa.

Di tempat kerja, lorong-lorong, tempat letak kereta bahkan di rumah kediaman.

Warga harus meningkatkan pengetahuan am dan senantiasa mempraktiskan sikap was was untuk membendung gejala ini.

Skim cepat kaya, pop-up dalam laman web dan kenalan baru juga tidak terkecuali.

Kita harus bersabar, berfikir dengan bernas dan jangan mudah tamak.

Penipuan tidak berbau. Terutama bila kita terjebak ke alam interaksi ekonomi.

Majikan, pekerja dan penuntut masing2 memainkan peranan dalam masyarakat.

Di setiap peringkat pergaulan, kemungkinan perselisihan faham, janji2 palsu dan penipuan sering berlaku.

Kita harus mengambil sikap kesederhanaan dalam setiap kegiatan dan tingkah-laku.

Risiko kegagalan akan berkurang walau pun gejala ini tidak dapat dihapuskan dalam masyarakat kita yang semakin rencam hari ini

Spending time at the Mall

The right place to be.

Whether meeting someone, window shopping, buying your favourite dress etc.

We can spend a chunk of time over there considering the size, variety of offerings 'n services are everywhere to be seen.

We seem to get lost in time, eye-candies 'n the joy of watching people doing the things they love most, shopping.

There are many malls coming up to cater for more customers that seem to be growing by the day.

They come from all walks of life. From mommies carrying their babies, hipsters, the working class to foreigners whom is looking for that special product or services.

Concept stalls, departmentals, supermarkets, banks... You name it, they got it.

Mealtime can be a joyous one. So much variety to choose from. Western, Middle-east 'n Eastern.

One can live to be a Queen or King over here.

Why the phone don't ring anymore?

Many a time people waiting by the phone.

Be it waiting for a call from a love one, anticipate appointments or simply hoping someone would call.

Picking up the phone 'n make a random call feels like forever.

Maybe the call charges is high or simply feeling shy to do so.

More true in our modern society where it places importance on phone calls 'n the value of people's time.

SMS is an option. Depends on a person, sms can be a tool to lay down messages, requesting a quick response or a simple gesture of goodwill.

Whatever it is, the cellphone can become handy as you carry it with you wherever you are.

Feel bless for this modern commodity 'n take great care of them.

On the other hand, there are cellphones that ring incessantly.

That is another story. Give it a thought  : D

Friday, 7 September 2012

Attract the masses

Articles must be interesting, people know what you are writing 'n most of all the flow shall be moderate.

Or else the listener or the reader will switch to other channels.

Challenging but it keeps you working in a better manner to keep your listeners.

There are so much media in the net. Other forms like the mobile(bimbit), cineplex, newsprint(akhbar), radio 'n so on is also taking their place to grab a piece of the pie.

So many dayworkers have opt out to work on their own to stay away from the Employer/employee relation.

Chances are they are working on the net too. I see there is a great future in networking. The trend is slowly catching up. A little bit of patience goes a long way.

In big cities, we see youngsters tapping away on their keypads. Even senior citizens are not being left out. At fastfood chain like McDonalds, Station One 'n PapaRich. Malay Warungs, Fusion Restaurants...

We gotta remind our friends that we mean business. Maybe hard at first but slowly we will understand the mechanics of networking.

For examples, E-mail address, facebook name, twitter accounts 'n your faithful cellphone can become handy as your friends get to know you better.

Being a networker can be practical considering the initial capital on a reasonable laptop, a cellphone 'n perhaps some pocket money for meal tickets.

Securing a job in big cities are no easy meat anymore. Investment on an automobile, accomodation 'n expenditure on peer pressure shall not be overlook.

I have a feeling, networking will be the in-thing 'n trendsetter for the future ( :

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Reaching your audience

Because of work commitment, many don't find the time to read what's install in the net.

Be it producing their own work or reading others. Many shy away because of this dilemma.

Questions like am I devoting too much time to the net or am I just wasting my time?

Our hearts 'n soul is divided 'n we can't seem to shuffle our time effectively.

Money matters always take precedent. Urgent matters, treadmill work 'n simply everyday conundrums took much of our time.

And yet, we still go over the same life pattern day in day out. Anyhow some succeed to flourish under these circumstances. The so-called hard workers. Many don't.

Whatever we do, there's always a conscience within us that is directing us towards our goal. Things we love of course. We have to fight off negative attitude like giving up too soon, smoking habit, incessant complains 'n so forth.

On the other hand, there are successful people whom don't have this kind of problem. Very few.

We feel bad or sad from time to time. Craving for something, worries about money, losing a love one or simply found ourselves biting our fingernails.

According to the father of modern Psychology, Dr Sigmund Freud, this is part of the human condition inevitable in everyone of us.

We need to be aware that having a goal in life will minimise if not driving out this die-hard habit.

What's your GOAL in life?

Making it on your own

Come rain or shine, there's not knowing what you got. Life is a box of chocolate.

With the skill in hand, we try to make it on our own.

We are dealing with people, checking on things or working on a project we know best.

There are people whom work on an article tirelessly, toiling around in the kitchen, repairing a car etcetera.

What keep us going? Monetary gain, satisfaction or simply our favourite pastime.

No matter which juncture we are now in, chances are we gotta move to the next level.

Maybe with better tools, more capital or things we learn from others.

One thing for sure. We shall be better in delivery, performance 'n efficiency.

Setbacks, lack of fund 'n no returns always pull us down. But the end is only the beginning.

We learn to crawl back, take baby steps 'n stand tall again. Never give up!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Where money comes from? Inheritance, dumb luck or work your goodself to the bone.

Securing a job appeal to the masses. Working hand-in-hand with your colleagues, kowtow to your bosses 'n restricted domain is the order of the day.

And yet nobody seems to have the answer or solution to this dilemma.

A job which has no light at the end of the tunnel.

Hoping for the best, good health, car don't breakdown 'n a little bit of fortune from betting at the lottery shop.

The networkers are doing their best to keep their best friends if not everyone to be informed of one's status hoping there would be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It boils down to what we love doing 'n wish we could do just that for as long as we can remember.

I've work all my life 'n i found out we just have to get into the scheme of things. Win some lose some.

But bear in mind, whatever we do took a lot of self-discipline 'n determination.

Cost overrun, heartaches 'n starting over are some of the shortcome.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Thinking of someone?

We do from time to time.

Be it a friend, someone u love or even your family member.

Everyday, we wake up to work on a project, doing house chores 'n sending messages so as to be heard.

When people acknowledge the things we do, somehow there's a sense of accomplishment that is so rare nowadays.

We reap what we sow.

There's no such accomplishment that's too small or too big to be noticed.

With the advent of time, we will be able to see the work we do really bear fruit.

Oh Lord! What a feeling...