Thursday, 12 June 2014

Queueing society

Long queue. Bumper to bumper. At the check-out point. Queueing up to pay the cashier at the mall. Taking turns at the clinic. Pending court case. Waiting to be seated. Longing for paychecks. Whooshh! The Gods must be crazy. Do we deserved these?

Only silverlinings, the plans in our head can wait too. To wait for Mr Right. To wait for deep pockets. Being couch potato at home, commercials are brainwashing our grey matters in great numbers. Jingles seem marching in single file right through our ears. Streams of visuals are hassling into our eyeballs like commuters packing into a bus.

No panacea to solve queueing problem. Ever i guessed? One thing seems certain. People are dead stubborn when it comes to consumerism. Like all men to one woman. Take your lucky guess. The next refueling station is miles away. Why not settled for the good old coffee aroma?

At home, feeling at ease is not an option too. Not at the present world. Fidgeting with smartphones, compromising on buffer time is an example of queueing too. No let up here. No thinking here.

When it comes to life n death, obviously there is no queueing. We can snapped anytime, anywhere. With the way we abused our body, mind n spirit, only God has the answer. God bless....................

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