Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Ring a bell

The bell tolls. The bell chimes. Does it ring a bell? Make us want to act out of the blue. Putting on our clothes, rising up from bed reaching out for car keys. Off we go.

Striking a chord in our nerve to iron out creases in every chore. Not forgetting the occasional meal too when the need arise. Cravings marhh. For those whom are addicted to tobacco, fishing out the next stick is inevitable. Hazardous to health.

Looking for clues. Window shopping. Googling for news. The new starlet. Singers belting out new songs. New movies premierring n so forth. The calender is smoking hot. Day by day, day n night.

Home is strewn with rubbish. So much for decorum. Hire a maid perhaps to tidy up the mess. Chalking up expenditure in the process. Giving too much thought on spending can made us cuckoo. Shrugged it off then. For now.

Stocking up on goodies at home to keep us occcupied works wonder too. Venturing out too much can leave a bitter taste to our mood. Too much to stomach maybe but we do fine all the same. Until we find another sweet spot, settling for the present might just do the trick.

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