Sunday, 25 May 2014

True or myths?

As we are older, we grew wiser. Once burn twice shy. Whom never learned the lesson? Children afraid of darkness, adults afraid of daylight. So ironic.

So many has been said. What needs to be done is did. Long history. Since time immemorial. Deep down we knew what is true n what are myths. No bethrayal here.

Sad thing is, many follow the wrong teachings n end up losing. Many types of losses if you follow my blog. Catch my drift? The saddest case is having the wrong belief n the resulting mindset ruin many innocent life.
it stunts growth n malignant in nature. Like cancer, it ruins the carrier's life until he realised what's really eating him/her in the 1st place.

Everyone is unique. The path each n everyone of us is travelling is different. Every problem is unique. And every unique problem requires unique remedy. One rule of thumb though not universal is to keep an open mind. Patience is a key though it doesn't worked all the time.

Treat life as a mystery. Let it unfold before you ruined any chances of recovery by taking drastic action. Remember that temporary action to temporary problem can have permanent result.

Whether it's true or myth, you be the beholder. God bless..................

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