Friday, 4 July 2014

Living straight

Can we live straight? No succumbing to temptation. Strict regiment. Living frugal. Be a nice gal? Boredom n fed up of the norms often derailed us from our objective. Standing up again n again after a fall.

Like taking the same route to work each morning, we tend to make way for familiarity. Be a regular guy. Employment. Responsible for ourself n taking up our role in society.

We are smitten with intermittant joy like coffee break, chatting up n the occasional movie. A blessing. A silverlining if we relate to those whom are less fortunate.

Therefore, living straight ain't that bad afterall. From time to time, we pray for health n happiness. Let's not forget God. The Almighty.

Everytime, we did something wrong, we adjust the sail, steering our wheel n instill back the right conscience in order to stay on track again. it's an enigma. Can't explain n can't complain either.

Everybody is afraid of sanctions. Comes in reward n punishment for every little act we take. To do away with the sense of guilt, we bridle our act in every way we can.

For those whom has wild imagination, sudden impulse n prone to mood swing, the above is nothing more than a fiction. Maverick attitude n reckless behaviour rules their life.

There comes a time when we need to settle down eventually. No more break neck speed n heart-stopping habit. Have a heart, be kind for a change. For our own good that is.

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