Saturday, 2 August 2014

Are you a reckless person?

Do you listen? Do you give another person the opportunity to talk? Are you so pre-occupied with talking most of the time?

There is a reason for communication. Understand and be understood. Otherwise we defeat the purpose of talking in the first place. Annoying and proving to be a nuisance at the same time.

Keep it short and simple. Waiting for response. Is an art form. Getting to know a person too in the process. No hurry. No jumping the gun.

Like in driving, drinking and smoking, reckless behaviour will be detrimental. It becomes a habit. We get hurt sooner or later. Time to change. Better late than sorry.

Going for fast result, fast money, fast car, fast woman will only quench short term desire. The decadent consequences runs deep. Caught in the web of influence.

Leading a simple life, smelling the roses and penchant for small things are more considerate living. Staying out of trouble and having means of celibacy shall proof worthwhile in the long run. Many lives through their 90's.

Experience never lies. Older and wiser. Don't lose your soul to the Devil. It's a battle worth fighting for. Every bit.

Anger might get things done. But faith is a better option in the long run...................

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