Saturday, 5 July 2014

Happy reading material

Yes, everything rosy, entertaining. No cloudy perspective. No sad story. Like fairy tale, happily ever after. We gave up many times. Laid on the sideline. Confinement at home. No place to go.

Being happy is serious business. A fling with a woman maybe. Or perhaps going wild at the casino. Not to mention shopping spree in Paris. Taking its' toll anyway.

Getting sober is like taking a glass of water, getting enough sleep, being kind to your loved ones n so forth. Not stepping out of line, time is the essence. The passage of time can mean anything. A phonecall you received, a sudden turn of event at the workplace or even a new development in your relationship with your spouse.

Everybody likes a good story. Spellbound, intrique, twist n interesting dialogues in a plot. A happy reader, mesmerised, time well spent n craving for more.

On the other hand, dull moments in the storyline, just like real life will bore our objective. Shying away n kissing the next appointment goodbye.

Searching for happiness is a quest. A quest that requires resources. Don't leave out money. And of course precious time that only the rich can afford.

The journey is long. Patience is a virtue. Complacency is a demon too. it's up to us to juggle n balance-out the eventuality n probability of success n happiness in our enterprise at every turn.

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