Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Going with the flow

Marching to the rhythms of life is interesting 'n comes with excitement. We never know what comes our way. Chances are, opportunities 'n obstacles are strung together at every juncture. A little bit of awareness will bring you to the corridor of everyday life itself.

Like a beating drum or a running wheel, everything seems to be in motion. Full of life 'n  never sleeps. Not until the sun sets.

One things lead to another. It's amusing watching people going from one task to the other as though life depends on this unbroken chain of life. The circle of life has only just begun

It takes plenty of effort 'n perspiration to get things done. According to plan 'n satisfying the whims 'n fancies of fellow customers

Mankind has always try to achieve the impossible. To attain the ultimate dream or fighting for survival. The rules are the same. Keep on swimming to stay abreast with the aim of reaching the shore in time

On the other hand, there are those whom couldn't be bothered with the passing of time. Come what may. They have their reasons i guessed. That is another story. Beyond my comprehension anyway ( :

No matter how we look at life around us, going through the motion is all in a day's work. What do you think?


Wherever we are, the festive mood will never wear out. Looking forward to a new milestone in the celebration 'n all. Putting on our best dresses 'n shoes to welcome the New Year, 2013. What a feeling!

No matter whom we are, what we do or social strata, the fun 'n joy of seeing our fellow beings joining in the ring of love is phenomenal. So much so, if we are planning some creative events to coincide with this year's Yuletide ( : Double the joy to be certain

i am not going to miss a beat definitely. Not gonna missed a thing. Oh no. I don't know about you.

i anticipate seeing people of all generations coming together, laughing, smiling 'n glee at the same time. Can't wait to capture the expression on their faces 'n gestures. Cameras will be ready of course. i don't know about you ( :

And last but not least, is what they are going to talk about over the festival. Their work, love life 'n leisure notwithstanding. i bet singling out the juicy grapevines will be the highlight of every piece of conversation. The spice of the circle of life ( :

Meanwhile, do take great care of our goodselves until the arrival of that special momentous day

Good night ( :

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Train ride

Tagging along your sweetheart is a pleasure indeed. Approaching the ticket booth with anticipation. Getting the best seat is second nature. A commendable coach with in-house cafe where we indulged in cream cakes 'n fruit juice.

The journey is not long if you asked me. Time flies when you are having fun. I will give romance a new name anytime. Exquisite, out of this world feeling 'n craving for more.

Alas, the scenes are unbelievable especially when you seen it for the very first time. With each one of us plugging to an earphone each, the sweet sound of instrumental music is truly mesmerising.

To relish in the ambience of the train, holding on to our favourite book is an icing on the cake. Wish the track never ends.

Chugging along with other passengers onboard, the feeling of traveling with circumstantial beings are enigmatic 'n eludes a certain charm in this love ride. Nobody travels alone, right?

My other half 'n i will certainly take this ride again. Give me the time 'n space 'n all systems go.

After all, with the experience of the first ride, the second one shall be a piece of cake ( :

Friday, 23 November 2012


Makes the world go round

Not having to say sorry

The warm of family love

The feeling of togetherness with close friends

Sharing our thoughts 'n ideas

Looking forward to future projects

To work together

Enjoying the time, pleasure 'n atmosphere

The freedom to experience

The fun, peace 'n joy ( :

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pursuing a career

What it takes

No turning back

Come rain or shine

Challenges 'n struggles in tandem

Refreshment 'n rest along the way

Sustaining our health 'n fitness order of the day

To fight for another day

Talk is cheap

Gonna upkeep our work

According to what we set out to do

Frustration 'n embarassment otherwise

The choice is clear ( :

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


All things new

A new pair of clothes

Hair-cut 'n clean-shaven

Make-over with moisturiser, nourishing cream 'n deodorant

New happenings, new hangouts

New poise 'n character

Romantic tones 'n poetic

New project using new tools

Advanced knowledge 'n latest technology

To enjoy the time 'n pleasure

And plenty of sleep ( :

Friday, 16 November 2012

Synopsis 'n anecdotes

A prelude to what you have in mind.

Before the beginning of a story.

With intent 'n consideration.

To be able to capture the imagination 'n whims of the reader requires creative energy.

Anything less is a waste of resources.

Social media is a special vehicle to reinvent available tools.

Maximise their potentials to achieve a sterling product.

Shall command a hefty demand if developed into a mint condition.

Might as well muster our time, energy 'n money well when opportunity knocks.

Meanwhile, do take great care of our goodselves.

To see another day ( :

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fighting back

World of bullies.

When you are not experienced enough.

When you don't have the required knowledge.

Time only taught us how important it is to ward of unnecessary elements in our life.

Blood suckers 'n wasting our precious time.

If we are not careful 'n cautious, we will be robbed literally under the broad daylight.

Love yourselves enough to know the signs of bullying in progress.

Like incessant questionings.

Not your problems anyway.

Sabotaging your precious tools 'n belongings.

Hassles 'n distractions with hidden motives.

The list goes on.

Focus on your work more 'n exercise diligence to overcome these losses are the sure thing.

Monday, 12 November 2012


People whom know you

From the beginning, like combing my hair, from the root to the tip

Trials 'n errors, falls 'n rise, accomplishment in between

Sad 'n tragic, funny episodes together with the main actor 'n actress

Romance, drama, humour, horror, action 'n musical

Well-knit, good plot 'n a little surprises along the way

Clues of what the future may bring. Prognostic approach

Diagnostic of the past 'n finding an effective solution for immediate problems

Improvise present resources for tomorrow

Tomorrow never dies

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Giacomo's portals

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Thank you for your invaluable support.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Things i don't know

Unacquired knowledge


The next thing

Tomorrow's road sign

Turn of event

Unforeseen negligence and liabilities

Intangible asset

Questions 'n unresolved puzzle at the back of my head

Directive matters harbouring in my subconscious mind

New cells 'n DNA developing from my marrow

God's gift to me today