Wednesday, 31 October 2012

2013 Release

Movies at cineplex

Paperbacks at Popular, MPH 'n Borders

Honda EX5 non-2T continue production

Spare parts for Proton availability

Accessories for cellphones at IT Mall

Formatting C: to clear disc space at competitive rate

One-stop bills payment at the post office 'n selected banks

5-day week nation. 9 to 5. Prepared for inconvenience


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Serviced apartment

34-storey Suasana Bukit Ceylon, Persiaran Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Level 1, Mezzanine, 2,3,4 > Podium

Level 5 > 32      Serviced apartments

Level 33 & 34    Penthouse

Completion date October 2013

Complete with
>  air-conditioning 'n ventilation
>  hot 'n coldwater plumbing
>  escalators 'n elevators
>  fire-fighting installation
>  urban lightings
>  central gas system
>  cctv surveillance

Have a nice day! Don't be naughty .....

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Many medium

Human interaction(chat, relation, introduction)

SMS(info, require action, notice)

Phonecalls(quick, proxy)

Billboards(ubiquitous, eye can see)

Mails(letterbox, you are served)


Internet apps(unlimited)

Teleconference(facial, voice)

Television(remote surfing, couch potato)

Radio(leave it on)

Walkie-talkie(close community)

Pager(reception, operator)

Prints(always with you, availability)

Smoke signal(Red Indians)

Friday, 26 October 2012


Don't expect ( :

Whatever you do, the privilege is yours. Don't go crying when you overstep certain norms that are requisite in dealing with people.

Doing your stuff with a clear conscience 'n with good reasons sure go easy on your living.

We might get misunderstood at times when we are busy with people oriented task. Like co-ordination, conversation 'n promises.

Going nowhere too if we hide behind a nutshell. Get real, money for survival don't drop from the sky. Or grow on a tree.

Those whom are old enough know very well how pathetic we are. If we don't strive earnestly enough 'n make our livelihood with dedicated specification. With a little effort above expectation please.

Up to us. Cover our back. And do fine .....

Oh yes

I will be with you

Come rain or shine. The road ahead is long. No fear.

Challenges 'n struggle all in a day's work. Oh yes, i can cope. Have a little confidence in me.

Something on your mind. Eating you i guess? Care to share?

I am humans maybe. But i do have some potential in me.

Trotting towards the future. Making amends. New creations to prove my capability. And hopefully don't disappoint.

Facing the same situation at times. No pretention there. What lesson is one trying to teach?

Uuumph, don't blame oneself if you received snuff remark from an old dog. New tricks perhaps ...

Respect is everything. But in the line of duty 'n relation, small talk just won't do. Impatience from subjects creep into everyone. Same objective but dreams of its' own. Reality fools no one.

Therefore, minding our own business take precedent in an ever rush-hour dayjob  (( :

Visit my place

Come join me in one place. The beauty of it. NO SCROLLING REQUIRED. Serve as a personal diary 'n programmes for my future. shall be the alternative site. Just in case. For back-up purposes too.

Thank you for your support 'n encouragement so far. Thank you friends.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Tomorrow Oct 26 will be a sacrificial day for Muslim.

Cows 'n bulls will be slaughtered to offer beef to the followers.

Prayers 'n wishes for the future as food is described as meaningful staples for living.

Is declared a public holiday as Islam is the National religion.

Non-muslim alike, a day for resting 'n refreshment too.

For every festival, crowds of people come together to enjoy the mood.

To go about business at home 'n renew family interest.

Things that matters like household, autos, bikes, laptop, cellphone 'n laundry will receive some attention, maintenance-like.

Or going after activity beyond your customary living like hobbies, work or simply while away the day


You are right.

New times invite new approach.

White collar 'n well to-do often lack active lifestyle. Think or imagine too much.

Working class going into the motion with lack of thought.

See it everyday.

Thinking on the wrong line.

When comes to work, the human body is equip with versatile organs.

Harness them. Use them with a little imagination. And stop thinking too long. Turning into a nut.

What's eating us?

Let's be organic when approaching work. Simple

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Personal statistics

Oct 23rd 2012

5' 10"
17,039th day
Quantity Surveyor
Gross Income received RM191,688.80

Tomorrow will be a brand new day. New aspiration. Enriched ideas from experience 'n versatile knowledge.
Going about challenges with better hand-eye co-ordination, steadfast feet 'n nimble mind. On a lighter note, i am bringing with me a new tool to solve inherent problem lately. Like thinking too much 'n seeking immediate solution. The tool is confidence in myself 'n focus on my work.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

What i think

I might be wrong.

Please do understand that everyone is doing their very best to cover its' ass.

Come judgement day, one will have nothing to fall on. Or nothing to show. More so, how do we defend ourselves if the things we do are sloppy 'n mediocre? We are being paid for what we do best.

Let's keep in mind that maintaining certain standards are important. Both at work 'n otherwise.

Might be harsh to say. From my own experience, it doesn't matter whom you are or what you do. Detractors will find ways by all means to poke us in everyday living. Especially if you have responsibility to bear.

Come on, relax bro. Relax sis. Heard it everytime. Reality is, if we don't pull up our socks, we will be left clean 'n dry on the next stop.

This is a beautiful Sunday. Ain't gonna spoil my time. A day to recharce, standing on my own 2 feet for a while 'n enjoy my cuppa coffee leisurely.

I guess i'm the only one preoccupy with this right now, ah-ha................


Hitting the bed early. Good rest 'n rise early.

Beginning the day with toiletries 'n bowels. And a reasonable breakfast.

Running personal checklist. Goals to reach within a targetted date.

On the road thinking what i left off the day before. On the starting block upon reaching office.

A spell where i exercise creative energy in a 10-hour dayjob.

Leaving for home beating the jam. Audio system the roady companion.

Reaching home, taking a bath, dinner, some work 'n TV. Sleep (( :

The above list can be supple. Not stiff.

That is another story.........

Friday, 19 October 2012

Don't rush

Dateline Oct 19th 2012 Friday 3:51pm

Breathing down your neck maybe(Jepsen call me maybe). A little submissive to my so-call master(creditor) can do the different. This too shall pass. Well sorry, i promise tis will be the very last time i say it, ah-ha.

I'm doing my thing here. With some blessing from my buddy Jesus, i've the feeling my account will be clean again in no time.

Working diligently 'n exercise much care here. Not to overlook extra cost 'n minding my work. Hopefully, oh yes my only wish, to be happy with whatever comes along. Duties 'n leisure i welcome with open arms.

Talk is cheap. Trotting with fine steps going about my daily work is the sure thing. My favourite baby is the immediate lifeline like incoming streams of chores that needs attention.

Thank you Lord for your blessings 'n wish all is well with my love one.

I love you. But i don't know about you.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Things we toy with

Able to hold. Work with, with our little fingers 'n move around at whims. With specific tools matters can be moulded to perfection. The feel of working with solids is tangible good.

Flow into forms. For washing 'n cleansing surely tantalise our skin 'n scalp. Not only skin deep. tiltillates our taste when served as beverage. Liquid is pervasive 'n smothering.

Woman's perfume is a good instance. The scent is lingering 'n make one attentive. On the other hand, dust 'n fumes are a let off. And of course cigarette smoke. Gassiness is amorphous in many disguise.

Nota beene; Matters around us are an enigma. It takes awareness to feel their presence  (( :

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wrong impression

Getting to know someone needs time. Unless you've no interest.

Everyone is going thru a phase where chances are things are not as smooth as one thinks.

Silly disposition 'n innuendo will give wrong impression. Either to a close one or a stranger. Sanctions to the victim are outright wicked. At least to the victim.

Conforming, best attitude 'n pleasantry notwithstanding, please fathom how the victim feels.

Over the course of my life, experience it myself, I've seen many turn vegetable due to the pressure of life.

Have a heart. More so, in this fast-pace high cost living.

Without a proper job couple with lack of capability sure spell disaster. Wanting in family support also add problem to the injury.

In other words, working towards being a perfectionist is a non-option.

Perfecting the art of surviving in a very tough society.

Getting tougher by the day.

Oh Lord Jesus, bless us all......................

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I believe in you too

Hard to resist the call for company. Have to admit i love it so. Sounds like taken from a leave of a novel, ah-ha.

Why so timid? Am i coming up strong on my invite? You know, the place i'm taking you has good food 'n marvelous. I guarantee.

After that, i drive you along the coastline. I'm not forgetting your favourite take-away honey. Cheerios, kit-kats, pickled plums 'n iced cool Nescafe premium. Can get those at 7-Eleven.

You can take that all in along the journey.

See you 'n please charge your cell. In case you want to call home.

Remember the last time? ........... : (


20th Oct 2012 Saturday 7:30pm Segi mamak stall

Monday, 15 October 2012

In the flesh

Getting hands on with a given task can be fulfilling. Able to execute 'n receiving praises can be hearty.

Perhaps one knows your capability which comes with your designation. Sometimes by giving more 'n be more creative will instill confidence with your "commander". Stroking his back, licking his wounds etc.

Whom doesn't like puppies? Cuddly, huggable 'n retrieve anything you cast away. Oh Lord, get me a poodle. Accompany me during the quiet hours 'n giving me those twinkling eyes. Wherever 'n whenever i like it. In the day, under a moonlit sky or at home.

Holding on to the wheel with the wanting eyes looking into the horizon. Every bit in the flesh, putting the gear in motion 'n opening our soul to the melodies rushing into our ears.

Colleagues 'n ordinates working around you with their anectodes 'n one-liner are amusing 'n tucking our very own heartstring. Thank heaven, all is good, workflow is manageable 'n fall into place.

I like those little friends that stick around the workstation. Coming with a tail, the mouse glide across the screen without a care in the world. The mighty pen to take down orders from our 'cook' seems to speak with no doubt 'n faithful to the dot. I love to tickle the photocopying machine if it has a life.

Thank Lord for blessing me with these magical fingers. They can really do wonders. You can massage my back anytime. I got a full blown body for you to work on.

But for tonight, let me embrace, hug, caress 'n feel your warmness.

I will leave a light on for you. 9pm sharp. Right here waiting  ( ;

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Crucial time

Attending meetings to trash out outstanding matters at the jobsite.

Projects behind schedule not surprisingly jitters team members to a new height. Overlapping of duties, delay in delivery 'n miscommunication jeopardise smooth operation.

Documentations for submission 'n vetting needs time. Allocation 'n portioning of time affects work programme. Rocket scientist 'n Einstein just won't do. Tackling sporadic issues at the jobsite coincides with both running 'n projected work. Fitting all the missing pieces in the work puzzle requires plenty of co-ordination.

Are we thinking too much of the problem? Deliberate too much on seeking a solution? Or the work in hand faces lack of human resource? All in good times, bro.

The flow of commands always dictate workflow. As long as there is work being done, time for recess 'n oversee will see the day.

No problems that are cannot be resolved. Changes in attitudes 'n strategies will make a big difference in whatever we set out to do.

We might be human 'n successible to non-performance 'n errors. But making good on even the smallest issue will eventually tantamount to delivering the bigger building block of life itself.

Never say never (( :

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Working hours

Snoozing. Fiddling with the alarms before waking up to a working day.

Getting ourselves ready for the day ahead. Beating traffic 'n greeting our co-workers when we reached the office.

Finding oneself tackling workload at the workplace, we seek the best solution to our problem at hand. Doing it right the first time. Some good planning, sharp execution 'n presention will set our priority right.

There will be no end to the work we do as come-ons entering at different phases. Continuance, perseverance 'n tolerance will ensure no unnecessary backlog of cases. Unless we don't mind our superiors keep shoving us with reminders.

Bear in mind that jumping the gun and finishing our task ahead of time without being fully-inform of the whole scenario could jeopardise our effort too. Editions 'n corrections will compromise the time alloted for a specific task.

Communication 'n co-operation with our co-workers are deemed essential too as we are not the sole entity running the show in a company. Wise decision, a knack for timing 'n striking the right chord with one's colleague will do the job when need arise.

Bosses don't hear the whole story all the time or rather receiving the wrong piece of information at times. One could be penalised whether knowingly or otherwise. In such instance, it pays to converse with your Boss over any irregularities or difficulties at work.

The onus is on us. Safeguard our back or we will be shown the door before time.

Dog eats dog world bro. Unless you are those whom see the world with rosy glasses, the workplace is not a domain to be toyed with. Inventive, hardworking 'n perseverance are calling of the day in order to secure our career.

God bless the working class...

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

No doubt

Love to hang loose. Bird watching, sipping refreshment or toying with our gadgets. Entering our thoughts 'n ideas are real therapeutic. On the go, at home or simply at work.

Ringing our friends, tickling one's breast 'n poking funs go the same way too. Whatever crosses our mind, happy to know there's always someone to share our innuendoes. Laughter notwithstanding, the knowledge of someone being close to you is an animal thing. Can't do without.

Past experience, memories of good times 'n photos that we keep always play in our mind. As time passes by, we found ourselves cherish life more with whatever that comes our way. Better inform, sees the humour in everything 'n how foolish we've been in the past. Nevertheless, in other words we learn to love ourselves more with all the foolish doubts 'n insecurity we impose in erstwhile circumstances.

Taking chances 'n breaking new grounds bring new lights to our career. We no longer sticks to self-imposed old paradigm 'n orthodox believe. Lessons learn from our mistake, misadventure 'n misfortune serve new strength for us to foray new experience.

How wonderful 'n delightful it is to see an old experience in a new light.

We shall not be afraid anymore to face the darkest hour in time to come.

Let's brace ourselves with confidence, optimism 'n the courage to pull forward towards our dream.

Don't look back 'n continue seeking a better future for you 'n for me (( :