Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Devil care less

Streams running across the mind. Tetris syndrome where thoughts are stacked haphazardly. Amusing. Total cleansing with periodic meditation. It works. Looking for new landscape to wallpaper our vision of the future.

A good read. Feeding fish fry in our head. Memorization and recall. Playing the right card in a game of bridge. Seeing the light of a new day. Aha!

Warm, lovely and generous. The characteristic we dream of during a long winter night. The whisper of a love one, promises and good fortune.

Reality causes discomfort. Shy shy. Ignorance is kind. Walkathon along a beautiful path. Umbrellas and parasol. Bare sexy long legs and cleavages. Life is marvelous and remarkable.

Blue skies everything nice.

Signing off, James Chow of Malaysia.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The fight goes on

Yes to financial freedom. 45-hour-workweek is tremendous. Many agrees. The love is gone no matter what we think. Are we slave or something?

On the other hand, entrepreneurship is capital intensive and long duration before breaking even. We are all dead in the long run. Are we nuts?

The market is over-saturated. Gotta be Iron Man to stand out in the crowd.  How many Apple Company are there in the world. Or rather be an oil baron where energy guzzling motorist always come back for more?

When I say I don't have the answer, you probably turn off my blog. Naturally. With a single notion in mind. To share and appease a lonely follower my way.

Tappping and striking on the keypad is not the answer too. That I know. I would rather watch a movie or listening to my favourite songs.

The rest I leave it to your imagination.

Dream on, God bless.....

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Short quips

Just writing to share some good moments. We are feeling empty rushing from day to day. The moment we relax our mind and body, reflections take precedent over urgent matters.

Searching new ideas to the next level lest we feel soil and lethargic. Like fresh lemonade and Coke, the eureka feeling is dejavu. So do taking a long bath.

Doesn't matter what we say, falling on deaf ears anyway. But untold stories are the most painful to bear. Losses, failures etc.

Coffee, wine and cigarettes are good companions during lull. Delicacies and sweet gourmet to satiate hunger too.

There is only so much time one could write. Other chores to attend to likewise