Sunday, 1 June 2014

Will it worked?

Do more. Stop expecting. The question is a stupid one. Work harder, place more bets n take more chances. Resources might be depleting but it depletes anyway no matter how you played the game. Don't lose hope n don't spent too much time hoping either. Just tidy up our work n let faith do the trick.

We are hitting the walls. Speed trap n potholes muddles with our life. That doesn't mean we stop the journey. No time to enjoy the view coz we are keeping an eye on the road. A ladder perhaps to enjoy the view at the top. That can wait too.

Meanwhile, have a good meal, a good sleep n listen to some folksy music to enlighten the soul before it gets squeeky. Torrential of thoughts are cloudying our mind. Start by sharing. Social media, at the workplace or talking to someone to share the burden. it might works, you know. Therapeutic too.

Whether it works or not doesn't matter coz we are glad to be alive. The great redemption for our body, mind n spirit has just begun. Keep an eye for results n remember failures do not justify the end.

Keep trying..................

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