Saturday, 7 June 2014


Don't like what we see. Don't believe what we hear. it doesn't matter to us. How often do you get excited about something? Everything seems to be a rerun. Like spinning of the wheel going nowhere. We get this feeling from time to time. Doesn't helped.

On the other hand, when we believed in something, we tend to hurt ourself by following blindly the sweet spot in our head. Easily got hurt, don't we? Coming back to disbelief. We shrugged off everything n everyone in our path because of remorse n disgust. That doesn't helped either. What is the purpose of life anyway? Gonna find the answer. Real quick before it hits home.

Of course, there must be something or someone that tugged at our heartstring. Problem is affair of the heart is fleeting. We gotta worked real hard to keep our love alive. in limbo, airborne n within grasp. Lots of work erhh? That's my point.

Self-indulgent like listening to our favourite music, reading our best book, going to our familiar vacation spot n making love to our spouse are real joy n fun. The so-called honeymoon period. Come Monday, we are back at work n the vicious cycle of pain n joy continues.

Gonna believe in something eternal. Like spiritual. Like worldliness. is there any other?

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