Saturday, 29 September 2012


Getting restless 'n lethargic at times. Whom isn't. Biting our fingernails, driving endlessly 'n beverages along the line. Our thoughts are playing Tom 'n Jerry with us. Like it or not, getting hold of this syndrome requires composure 'n a clear mind.

Setting our priorities, satisfying our whims 'n simply grabbing the next cup of coffee are clues to what we are aching for before we start the revolution again.

Sometimes, we don't realised how much we are involved in a certain task for a long spell of time too. We forgot to take time for relaxation. Over-indulgence because of our passion 'n desire. For instance, long tennis session, finishing up a dress one is making, thonging with tools at the garage or lovemaking throughout the night.

Taking time for relaxation works wonder. Time to contemplate, reflection 'n focus again on our goals. To be ourselves, contented with whom we are 'n happy with the things we have will once again put us on track. We no longer feel lost or wasting our energy 'n time on a wild goose chase.

It pays to indulge ourselves in light-hearted activities too like going out, browsing one's favourite magazine or offshore fishing. They increase our horizon 'n boost our confidence over time. Juggling our pastime will not only dish out the monotony of routines but encourage us to relax.

Take the path less-travel rather than knocking incessantly on a closed door (( :

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