Saturday, 29 September 2012

At home

Sleep comes to mind. Many do otherwise. They are busy as ever. Work to be done in the kitchen. Tidy up the bed. Doing the dishes. Reading our dailies. And the comfort of talking to our love ones.

Fiddling with the gadgets is a new phenomenal. In the old days, we won't be surprised spending hours in front of the tube, cup after cup of coffee 'n sleeping relentlessly. How things have changed.

Daydreaming is the domain of outright laziness. For the learned 'n those whom are aware of the market right now, there are plenty of avenues to throng. No longer practical to hang loose for a spell of time, many have started 'n pursue their ambition even at home. Think of the interconnectivity with the gadgets at our disposal. And the hassle of closing a deal in the yesteryears. Dealings change hands at enormous speed for those whom is cutting the deal.

In developing countries, maids are employ to do housechores at minimal wages. This leave the household ample time to pursue things at home. Correspondence, conversations over the line, grapevines, wooing partners etc. And others i leave it to your imagination.

Family members taking turns to revolve their activity around the house can be arresting 'n hilarious at the same time. For the old guards, The Brady Bunch Show 'n The Watsons are a distant memory. You never know what is playing on people's mind nowadays as most are fiddling with their gadgets at home.

In the near future, home is like a working place too with all the equipments synonymous with an office environment. Houses with cctv can prove frivolous where staying in can be viewed by someone.

On the other hand, for the needy, staying at home means getting a good rest after a hard day's work. Relatively, the concept home in the dictionary no longer applies.

Home is where the heart is needs a new deliberation on how 'n what we perceive as a member of the household.

Hopefully, over time, progress 'n modernisation will preserve certain values we hold dear at home in the old days.

Love, care 'n understanding make our home sweet home (( :

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