Monday, 24 September 2012

Keeping the spirit

The passion 'n desire to move forward.

When one is down with myriad problems.

When opportunities come too.

We must be able to handle issues both big 'n small.

Requires thinking 'n act accordingly.

Sometimes we feel down, sometimes we are overwhelmed too by circumstances that come our way.

Sadness 'n happiness intertwine as we go thru a particular day. Like a roller-coaster ride.

Keeping the spirit whatever it is, is subconsciously driven.

Amongst them are like correcting a past mistake, to make more money, seeing that one's utility bills are updated 'n maintaining a relationship.

Once we stop working, we bound to wander with our thoughts 'n action. Meaningless 'n wasteful activity preoccupy our precious time. Hangovers could make matters worst.

As we grew older, we usually take the initiative to think beforehand before embarking on a task as time the most precious commodity becomes more so in comparison to the young.

Ill-health, wanting energy 'n drive compromise our effort towards achieving a certain goal. Sad to say, given the same resources, some can complete the task in a shorter time frame 'n comes out with a better quality.

This is competition.

To keep the spirit alive 'n the light burning, diffrent strata of the community strive to innovate 'n produce the best services there is to lure customers into their domain.

Aesthetic features, sensual fronts 'n controversial issues are what attract the masses.

Due to social sanctions of rewards 'n punishment, certain constraints have to be exercised to keep our most profound work at bay.

The drive to keep our spirit alive is important as meaningless ventures will see to the end of our enterprise.

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