Thursday, 27 September 2012


Mankind first invented fire 'n the wheel.

With complexity in daily life, they make do with more creative tool to pry, dig, turn etc. The human brain is hungry for many features in their creations. Aesthetics, forms 'n function. Let's beam to the present world we live in.

Latch is inadequate 'n locksmith came out with tattooed padlock 'n remote controls. Fuel driven to hybrid. Housing to condos. Steam engine to bullet train. I rest my case.

Not far-fetch to say that engineering has taken foothold in life itself like the human anatomy. Plastic surgery, drugs that induce moodiness 'n relationship gurus.

You must be a jughead thinking everything is what it seems. One thing leads to another. Pushing forward is essential or we will be left behind playing with old tools, old sentiments 'n lacking in self-development.

We need to find ways, new tactics 'n strategy to go about our conventional problem-solving skill in product creation, human relationship 'n our profession. That's what the latest buzz in engineering science is all about.

Gadgetry is a good example. We keep our friends in the pocket, switching channels without leaving the seat 'n sending mails without the postman.

Another instance is designer lawyers to get you out of a marriage(with money), dentist whom can do wonders to your teeth 'n the all-paid vacation trip.

I have a feeling there is more engineering marvel behind the scene. Pre-launch signs are imminent.

We just need a training eye to see out the genuine one.

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