Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I can do it!

Even though the chips are down.

Breakthroughs are no where to be found.

Complains from all sides.

I trudge on to fulfill my ambition of making it on my own.

Impatience, non-tolerance 'n non-sensible arguments 'n resentments are daily rituals.

I have to muster all the courage, surviving on shoestring budget 'n avoid being stepped all over by the nemesis of my goal.

With only God by my side, hopefully i will be able to pull through these dark hours.

Being unable to proceed with my work is really frustrating. Express it many times. Just fallen into deaf ears.

I just have to defend myself as torrents of resentments come rushing in. Even from my close ones.

However, i have the feeling that i will make it given my heart 'n soul towards opening up a new chapter.

A chapter which spells meaningful work, a good audience 'n most of all keeping unnecessary hassle 'n troubles at bay.

Wish there is someone whom would recognise the signs that starting an ambition could be this difficult.

May the Force be with me. Thank Lord for your companionship 'n mercy throughout my journey of discovery of my ownself.

Given time, i hope i could contribute to the society at large with my blog from the bottom of my heart

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