Wednesday, 26 September 2012


What are the buzzwords people love to listen to.

I love you. You look wonderful tonight. Did anyone tell you how gorgeous you are?

Never have enough.

You will notice how a little effort can spell a big difference in your life.

Just the other day u mentioned about the things u do. I don't have the chance to tell you how interested i am with your line of work. Care to share with me again? These are just some of the catchy ones used in a conversation.

And yet, it can improve a relation beyond imagination.

Give romance a new name.

One can be in the middle of a discussion, on a bench with a love one or simply getting to know a stranger.

Chances are breaking the ice requires an ounce of creativity. Once the subject get to know how warm you are, she will open up a topic that meant to be to both whom are engaged in a dialogue.

It opens up to a whole lot of possibilities that will benefit the parties involved.

So-called friends with benefits. Fun 'n camaraderies follow 'n the relationship is on track on a fruitful journey.

Can be snug, cuddly 'n even romantic if one inculcates these into a romance.

Phonecalls 'n appointments took on a new meaning as lovebirds couldn't resist the temptation to be together.

Let's catch on the latest buzzwords to woo the ones we long for.

It sure worth the time 'n money.  (((=;

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