Tuesday, 2 October 2012

No doubt

Love to hang loose. Bird watching, sipping refreshment or toying with our gadgets. Entering our thoughts 'n ideas are real therapeutic. On the go, at home or simply at work.

Ringing our friends, tickling one's breast 'n poking funs go the same way too. Whatever crosses our mind, happy to know there's always someone to share our innuendoes. Laughter notwithstanding, the knowledge of someone being close to you is an animal thing. Can't do without.

Past experience, memories of good times 'n photos that we keep always play in our mind. As time passes by, we found ourselves cherish life more with whatever that comes our way. Better inform, sees the humour in everything 'n how foolish we've been in the past. Nevertheless, in other words we learn to love ourselves more with all the foolish doubts 'n insecurity we impose in erstwhile circumstances.

Taking chances 'n breaking new grounds bring new lights to our career. We no longer sticks to self-imposed old paradigm 'n orthodox believe. Lessons learn from our mistake, misadventure 'n misfortune serve new strength for us to foray new experience.

How wonderful 'n delightful it is to see an old experience in a new light.

We shall not be afraid anymore to face the darkest hour in time to come.

Let's brace ourselves with confidence, optimism 'n the courage to pull forward towards our dream.

Don't look back 'n continue seeking a better future for you 'n for me (( :

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