Friday, 21 September 2012


Watching a movie is fun.

More so, with someone by your side.

With popcorns, soda 'n hotdogs.

At home or the theaters, it never fail to amaze.

Laze back, quiet moments 'n relaxing throughout the show.

Drama, suspense, action, comedy you pick the genre.

Chances are they cater for a wide variety of choices.

Of course, there are many pastimes up our sleeve.

But nothing beats the feeling of watching a movie. Young or old.

With so much media to choose from, the masses will have their hands full given the time.

We ought to fork out some time for movie-going. Some good movies are overlooked due to work
commitment. We can't see movies all the time, can we?

With more demands for movies, hopefully the price of tickets will go down or receive some
concessionaires from the developers.

Movies enrich our experience 'n brought about enjoyment 'n relaxation to our stressful society.

Wish the masses don't leave out the option of movie-going when they are down with solitude, a hectic schedule or frustration of everyday doldrum ( :

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