Monday, 10 September 2012

Interesting article

What makes an article interesting?

Of course trendy, current social issues 'n money-making opportunities come to mind.

What do people look for?, what are they thinking? And problems that are lingering with no immediate solutions.

Pictures 'n messages are entering the net with an enormous quantity like never before.

People don't pay you for what they see. Like reading a newspaper, resources in the media are used to enrich those whom found them fitting.

People don't pay you for your problem-solving skill either.

There are millions of books lying on the shelves at newstands, bookstores 'n specialty outlets.

To acquire money is a continuous process. Might be hard. Patience, don't be put off 'n having a clear thought are important.

Time is running out. But do remember time is not a commodity which is charging you with a constant rate/price. For instance, monthly rate for your rental, car loans or even the meals you take

Use time well. Overtime, you will realise that time is a magical denominator over the projects you are working on.

Money is taboo. People fighting for funding, hiccups in payout(employees), children asking for pocket money and beggars on the street.

Do not be shy or hesitate to ask for assistance when money issues are standing in your way towards progress.

The world can be nasty. Couldn't get a dime as the song goes... Many have traumatic experience.

May God bless us all ......

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