Saturday, 29 September 2012


We often mistaken them with giving up. Going in circles to make ends meet. In the name of survival one needs to move on. To cover the ground 'n finish our assignment.

Constantly looking for sources. Our creation will be lacking otherwise. Looking for ways to persuade our customers as to the project we are working on. Needs guarantee 'n worth the dollar. Think of it another way. How would you acquire money if you are working in the dark?

Meanwhile, let's muster all the energy we have available to foray into the future. They might deplete or even halt if we stop putting effort for a duration of time. Our detractors 'n potential clients alike might think we have lost interest in the project in question. Over time, conscience will tell us how important it is to carry on. A career recognise by those whom know you. Not whom you know.

In addition, reminders, phonecalls 'n follow-ups are essential to ensure connection with would-be customers. New effort, innovations 'n latest offerings which are deemed attractive need to be elaborated 'n acknowledged too. Assumptions are futile.

Let it be clear that our Clients know the availability 'n price of our product. Convenience 'n reachable too.

Last but not least, selling is most critical. No point spending an aweful time in creation but fail poorly when it comes to garnering support 'n sales of one's product.

From where would you gain funds for your upcoming project if not from the revenue of the present one?

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