Sunday, 9 September 2012

Thinking right

Our thoughts determine our action.

We constantly think of ways to solve our problems.

Cause 'n effect motivates thinking.

High monitor skills are required when in a crisis.

Compare to a simple act of making a cup of coffee for instance.

Over time, we develop skill to think more efficiently like taking a shorter route to meetings.

Same with dealing with a Client for the 2nd time.

Amassing potential customers is no easy task.

We found ourselves wasting precious time with lengthy explanation, solicit payments 'n making good on our promises.

Thinking of solutions actually derail us from our main objective.

We shall be confident of our product 1st hand before pursuing a buyer.

Small investment, quality 'n minimal risk ventures are more manageable 'n keeps your thinking within a more rationale mode.

More so, where many unscrupulous customer default on payment in this ever fickle community we live in.

Don't wanna be on the losing end with time wasted 'n wishful thinking...

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