Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Challenges 'n Struggles

For the work we do 'n the people we interact with,

differs from one to the other.

Resentment 'n frustration are the order of the day.

Let us build a bridge to meet halfway between the ......

01)     rich 'n poor

02)    able-body 'n handicap

03)    luxurious 'n hand-to-mouth

04)   extremist 'n moderate

05)   trade 'n service

06)   employer 'n employee

07)   colours

08)   discrimination of sex

09)   stigmatist 'n Godly

10)   breadwinner 'n dependent

11)   parent 'n children

12)  teacher 'n student

13)  husband 'n wife

14)  doctor 'n patient

15)  master 'n servant

16)  Government 'n people

17)  borrower 'n debtor

18)  human 'n God

Building the bridge is no easy task. Over time. Impatience stand in the way. Level playing field 'n fairplay are elusive. Understanding 'n comprehension are allusive. So do patience 'n tolerance. Reaching out is the key. Win some, lose some   ( :

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