Friday, 28 September 2012

Sick parents

One must be lying if he confessed never complain about sick parents at home.

One day we will be old too. But, i must admit due to our work commitments, tight schedule 'n shameful to say leisure time for ourselves, we usually lose our bearings when confronted with ill-health parents.

I bet there must be a lesson God wants us to learn when it comes to caring for the elderly. Selfishness comes to mind. Impatience with slowness 'n incessant mumblings are the norms.

As i grow older i realise how ill-prepared i am when it comes to this particular stage of life. Things like putting more emphasize on savings, thriftiness 'n some carings along the way would have make things better for my folks. Irresponsible too thinking of how sometimes i get carried away with the carefree life during my heydays.

I wish repentance at my stage will be just in time to care for my 73-year-old mom whom is quite sick at the moment. With medical care 'n sufficient rest coupled with a little token of love from myself, hopefully she will recover fast 'n back to pink of health.

God bless

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