Wednesday, 26 September 2012


A need.

In the old days, people used to ride.

With ever fast 'n wider road, it is deemed precarious or dangerous due to swerving vehicles which changes lane without notice. However due to convenience like parking one's bike many still ride to their destination of choice.

No one would love to spend much time on the road unless you have nothing better to do. Traveling from point A to B meant getting things done 'n going home safe 'n sound. Investment in a car sounds the practical thing to do. Of course, care in expenditure is utmost even in developing nations.

Buses, taxis 'n light rails can be handy when traveling at a moment's notice. They are economical but irregular 'n inconvenience to the fairer sex.

Alloting time for travel can be tricky. Connecting different mode of transport call on the experience of a commute. For instance, air travel is much more dearer than the expenses one gave out on a small project.
Slow-moving vehicle will frustrate eager commuters whereas reaching your destination at break-neck speed is not advisable.

Travel too little one found something is missing, travel too much one suffers hangover. Interesting 'n funny, transport though sometimes futile, it is here to stay when it comes to spending one's time. Like sleeping, working, relaxing 'n others occupying our day, transportation certainly is the mainstay of everyday living.

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