Friday, 21 September 2012

On a run

Revving up our engines.

Going for a journey feels like the in-thing to do.

Especially after  a long work out. On our workstation, at the workplace or a day's hardship.

Driving or riding, the whirlwind journey certainly chips off dust over our shoulders. And release our spine after a long back-breaking day.

Fuelling up, maintenance 'n repairwork are in the back of our mind as this enjoyable journey take precedent over many chores that we need to do. Oh dear, heaven on earth.

Time flies when you are having fun.

More true if task in hand 'n deadlines are eating into one's time.

Negotiating turns, speeding on the straight 'n cruising along the coastline is sure pleasing. Call for more.

With more progress in our work, more audience 'n returns on investment, hopefully there will be much more spare times for us to go over a cup of hot coffee perhaps.

And the joy of putting our effort into our work 'n creation is really soul-enriching.

Friends 'n acquaintance alike, the move forward can be most exhiliarating if we have that special someone to share with.

All in good times...  ((( :    <3  Cheers! 'n many kisses

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