Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hardship allowance

No easy task being a blogger.

We are finding ways to excite readers with current issues which are plaguing our nation at large.

In-depth studies 'n what drive the people are important in our reporting.

The people need to share their insights 'n problems to find collective solution to everyday doldrum.

Bloggers need mealtickets to survive. What are deem fit. We are not asking for more than what we deserve.

Unreasonable demand, schemes 'n non-sensible marketing are not our modus operandi.

In hard times, where everyone else is ekeing a living too, we have a plea which commensurate with our work.

For those whom can afford some mealtickets, please don't hesitate to come forward 'n lend  a helping hand.

Your help is much sought-after as the hardship allowance will enable us to pursue our work in the near future.

Please don't ignore our pleas as sponsorship no matter how small will contribute to our success in bringing you the best blog we have to offer.

So much so, please chip in 'n give us the good news.

Signing-off; Determine to put in the best effort there is...

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