Friday, 7 September 2012

Attract the masses

Articles must be interesting, people know what you are writing 'n most of all the flow shall be moderate.

Or else the listener or the reader will switch to other channels.

Challenging but it keeps you working in a better manner to keep your listeners.

There are so much media in the net. Other forms like the mobile(bimbit), cineplex, newsprint(akhbar), radio 'n so on is also taking their place to grab a piece of the pie.

So many dayworkers have opt out to work on their own to stay away from the Employer/employee relation.

Chances are they are working on the net too. I see there is a great future in networking. The trend is slowly catching up. A little bit of patience goes a long way.

In big cities, we see youngsters tapping away on their keypads. Even senior citizens are not being left out. At fastfood chain like McDonalds, Station One 'n PapaRich. Malay Warungs, Fusion Restaurants...

We gotta remind our friends that we mean business. Maybe hard at first but slowly we will understand the mechanics of networking.

For examples, E-mail address, facebook name, twitter accounts 'n your faithful cellphone can become handy as your friends get to know you better.

Being a networker can be practical considering the initial capital on a reasonable laptop, a cellphone 'n perhaps some pocket money for meal tickets.

Securing a job in big cities are no easy meat anymore. Investment on an automobile, accomodation 'n expenditure on peer pressure shall not be overlook.

I have a feeling, networking will be the in-thing 'n trendsetter for the future ( :

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  1. I agree with you James. As easy as it might seems to get a blog going and establish an online presence though...a lot of people shy away from it. I predict just like you that in a near future, it will just as normal and expected to have a blog as it is to have a cell phone.