Thursday, 13 September 2012

Blogger no fear

It takes time.

The journey is long. Critics 'n praises hand in hand. Bittersweet.

Trying our best to put in the best ingredient in our writing.

Wishing there would-be listeners. Small audience perhaps.

No excuse 'n no haste in producing some work which i love.

In time, hope my work will be organise 'n more presentable to my audience. Busy perhaps.

And more convenience to open up my work.

Hope my simple 'n mere 2,000-word vocabulary don't tire your reading. Browsing otherwise.

To maintain 'n sustain my work is a real act. A juggernaut.

With better resource, hope i will be able to try the next option. Balancing.

More varieties. More products 'n pictures. Audio/visuals are expensive. I leave that out.

Juggling my work is the order as resources are limited.

With better condition, i will be able to "balance" instead of juggling my present work.

A little support along the way won't hurt. Small sponsors are welcome.

Please have a heart  ( :    Thank you friends.

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