Monday, 10 September 2012

Moving on

Looking for breakthrough in a career takes time.

Great ideas 'n momentary impulse drive us to work towards that very end.

We encounters hiccups along the way 'n trying ways to solve them in a more efficient manner.

Like using different tools, approaching new set of contacts or shuffling our timetable.

Interaction with our customers sometimes didn't turn out fine. We feel bad. The fear of losing the deal.

Perhaps we are not doing the right thing or rather doing it the right way.

Haste, misrepresentation 'n misunderstanding are the norms.

Customers want their money worth.

It takes utmost care 'n effort to make that extra money. Hurting their feelings, mediocre products 'n miscommunication will only exacerbate the relation.

If we are looking for easy way out from the present economic doldrum, we are just wasting our time.

Everyone has its' own agenda. Take the pain to meet them halfway like sharing some interest, similar inherent problem and trading whatever seems sensible at least temporarily.

Extra mealtickets along the way can make the difference.

Until better prospects come our way when we are more resourceful and better-equip.

God bless us all......

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