Thursday, 6 September 2012

Reaching your audience

Because of work commitment, many don't find the time to read what's install in the net.

Be it producing their own work or reading others. Many shy away because of this dilemma.

Questions like am I devoting too much time to the net or am I just wasting my time?

Our hearts 'n soul is divided 'n we can't seem to shuffle our time effectively.

Money matters always take precedent. Urgent matters, treadmill work 'n simply everyday conundrums took much of our time.

And yet, we still go over the same life pattern day in day out. Anyhow some succeed to flourish under these circumstances. The so-called hard workers. Many don't.

Whatever we do, there's always a conscience within us that is directing us towards our goal. Things we love of course. We have to fight off negative attitude like giving up too soon, smoking habit, incessant complains 'n so forth.

On the other hand, there are successful people whom don't have this kind of problem. Very few.

We feel bad or sad from time to time. Craving for something, worries about money, losing a love one or simply found ourselves biting our fingernails.

According to the father of modern Psychology, Dr Sigmund Freud, this is part of the human condition inevitable in everyone of us.

We need to be aware that having a goal in life will minimise if not driving out this die-hard habit.

What's your GOAL in life?

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