Thursday, 6 September 2012

Making it on your own

Come rain or shine, there's not knowing what you got. Life is a box of chocolate.

With the skill in hand, we try to make it on our own.

We are dealing with people, checking on things or working on a project we know best.

There are people whom work on an article tirelessly, toiling around in the kitchen, repairing a car etcetera.

What keep us going? Monetary gain, satisfaction or simply our favourite pastime.

No matter which juncture we are now in, chances are we gotta move to the next level.

Maybe with better tools, more capital or things we learn from others.

One thing for sure. We shall be better in delivery, performance 'n efficiency.

Setbacks, lack of fund 'n no returns always pull us down. But the end is only the beginning.

We learn to crawl back, take baby steps 'n stand tall again. Never give up!

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