Sunday, 9 September 2012

Loving it!

It doesn't matter what the circunstances is, one always pursue their love relentlessly.

Returning to the court to practise, flipping through your favourite book or trying out a new recipe.

The effort not only brings with it a feeling of accomplishment but seeing you going through a process of advancement.

We found new experience, chalking-up more mileage 'n moving up another level.

Time for respite, having a cup of coffee or moving on to our next endeavour only serve as reminder of how reflection 'n the work we do are connected closely.

To achieve something valuable where monetary returns is one of the criteria takes a lot of hard work 'n imagination.

Customers only pay you well if the work you do cater to their needs 'n bring forth profit.

Our product 'n services must have certain standard 'n measure up to specification. At least the current trend in the market.

In order to close a deal or selling your products in a profitable way, they must stand out to the customer. Customer satisfaction is top.

What makes your products stand out? Availability, economical, buzz, practical are some of the qualities they look for.

Before one succeeds, bear in mind, there are no shortcuts to achieve something that is saleable overnight.

Don't take too long either. Continuous effort in sourcing, marketing 'n innovating are the buzzword.

May the Almighty Lord bless us with the tenacity to carry on our task at hand with health, strength 'n a safe journey.

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