Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Give writing a good name

Going back n forth with our ideas. Great to have pen n paper with us. The net too. in the spirit of sharing n let our feelings shown.

There are many things we could write. With a good start, a good story to tell n our hope for the future. Many times we fell short of having the right ingredient for our story. But it's only temporary. The rain will come

Well, this is only half the story. New episodes in our life n new experience do cast a spell on the things we wrote. i bet old stories will never be the same again as we found new analysis over previous mindset

Come year 2014, we might even realised how foolish we are over the things we fought so badly. Like reaching the wrong conclusion, blaming the wrong guy etc

We crossed path every day with our fellow friends in everyday life. Chances are we are holding the same aces

And the ace of heart rises at every occasion

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