Sunday, 26 May 2013

i miss you

You never know how much you miss someone until they're gone. Absence made the heart grew fonder. Especially love ones.

in everyday life, for the sake of spontaneity n convenience we often threw glances n prompt in our dispositions.

There is a breaking point in every human interaction like the exchanges of love, continuity in business dealing n keeping our jobs.

Very much more importance shall be dealt with if we want to keep our caravan of love intact n ensuring livelihood of our noble endeavours.

The spirit of teamwork, the strength of a family n the company we run all depends on our initiative to give that little bit extra n expect less to keep the momentum of life going.

Let's keep sowing the seed of love n hopefully one day we will all be able to reap the joy of togetherness in time of need like rainy days. And celebrate too in time of victory.

i bet this is one way we could all win in the battle against selfishness n greed.

For the time being let's cheers to all whom have come this far to contribute their effort to better living by means of caring n love.

No contribution is either too small or too big. A big toast to my very love ones!

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