Friday, 20 December 2013

Random act

We often succumb to act of random. Not that we don't want to work in orderly manner. But the call of nature proof to be a hard act to follow.

Come 2014, with the onslaught of more stress at work, staying calm is utmost. Otherwise our program will get topsy-turvy. One hope. May 2014 a year of smooth sailing.

Not forgetting mistakes made in the past, one lesson learned. We are bound to repeat them. We are only humans after all. Better luck this time.

The people we meet, the things we do, all in a day's work. Finding some solace intermittantly. Like coffee, music video n occasional movies.

There is no telling where we end up to be. Frightening at times. We let our fate to chances. Control is futile. it takes up too much time n energy. Everybody knows that.

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