Wednesday, 24 April 2013

One beautiful evening

Hands often get twisted when you're not careful. Opening a can of sardines, reaching for an obscured broom. Ointments comes in handy. Rub, rub till the flesh turned spongy. One thing leads to another.

Scooping some coffee from the mug finding remnants befitting another go. Running errands to the neighbourhood grocer will certainly tweets my grand ole moped 100cc to be exact. Putting on the helmet makes my head weighing twice. To be a good roadie marhh.

Thinking twice of picking up a periodic mag as the old stock at home is piling up. The price of a new mag cost the neck anyway. Might as well spend it on a worthwhile tea. Or some jingling coins in the pocket. Any which way i win. Literally. Nothing to do with economic sense.

Doing my weekend laundry is like trying for the umpteenth times mobilising a crane to lift a hen. Not that i had any eggs to laid. i guessed many will shy away from laundry too. Similar to meeting your in-laws 2 weekends in a row. Endless marathon. The ever shaky washing machine dance like a hula hoop. imagine if it had a life of its' own. Tonnes of dirt in its' bowel.

Start taking coffee in my late twenties. Filling up my bowel twice a day capacity wise. Running on ends say 10hour working day. Over two decades that will be treating the Empire States Building with a traffic of 20million souls. Cell-wise.

Perhaps hitting the next nail do us no justice contemplating the amount of blood, sweat n tears we toil overtime. But placing my tools around the hip only weighs down my pants literally. Or is it?

Walking around the city, peacocks ran abound. Fashionistas, working fellas n vagrants crossing paths to meet their destiny. There will be another day. New pictures to paint. And new folks to impress. To get our butt away from our sweetheart gravity.

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