Monday, 6 May 2013

Caring for the sick

The chain is as good as its' weakest link. in every home, there is bound to have a sick person. Blood is thicker than water. Every family member has a duty to take care of the sick.

Preparing meals, dishing out medicines n cleaning are the norms. it takes lots of patience n tolerance to cater its' need. Plenty of thoughts too. Cause the sick is full of sentiments, listless n all. Everyone is busy with their career. Conflicts among family members taking turns to care for them can reached feverish.

What can we do about it? Understanding, give n take is a lesson to be learned in order to see a speedy recovery of the sick.

No easy task as the sick has antics of its' own. Like reluctance, lack of will n stubbornness. Sometimes we are caught up with sleepness night trying to keep pace with the demand of the sick.

Well, life goes on. i don't have the answer yet. One wish. Praise The Lord for her speedy recovery.

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