Friday, 8 February 2013

The unspoken word

We are hiding our thoughts. Not spitting them out. Not playing to the tune. We have our reasons.

Once burn twice shy. The motives may vary but the facts isn't far away from the truth. Playing safe, saving our graces n not inviting troubles among others.

The probability of hidden elements is low. Everybody knows money is one of the criteria in every dealing. No bullshit here. We won't be surprise people go in circles to get anywhere near money. One thing for certain. Money is taboo. Not a conversation piece.

For centuries people has been hiding in a cloak of secrecy when soliciting for money. They are justified. Deliver the goods n you get the loot. Simple. That was yesterday.

Continuity n the burden of labour are ingredients of perpetual income. If you want to survive. If you want to pursue the task ahead. The road is long. The burden is unbearable.

Options are dear. At a crossroad. Pick the wrong choices n one will end up in a maze of economical doldrums like heaping overheads, multiple start-ups n annoying hiccups. Sometimes, we put our thoughts aside n carry on with the endline in sight but accountability is not on our side.

There comes the harsh decision. Pursuing bad debts, imbueing new capitals n restructuring gameplans are hovering above our head. More true to the breadwinner. We can lead a simple life. But the present world we live in have no mercy. Especially to the complacent lot. Time is running.

Many found themselves in a dilemma over the juggling of expenses, time n commitments.

Our hands our full.

Everything n everyone changes fast.

Catching the next "train".

Catching our breath...............

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